Everyone Carries Around A Little Baggage!

When getting ready to go to work.  To hit the town.  To do anything - you usually spend time picking out the 'perfect' outfit.  Whatever your definition of perfect is.  Currently this is my idea of the perfect outfit.

Looks nice and cozy for fall right?  But there is something missing!  The baggage.  No not my emotional baggage - sadly I usually don't forget that - but a bag.  Depending on where you're going - what you're doing - there is probably a bag that you need to tote along.

{Epiphanie - Stella}
Lately - I have been coveting this Epiphanie camera bag as I feel it would double as a purse.  But would also encourage me to carry my DSLR with me more.  But in reality I am probably carry more than one bag.  It's sometimes so bad that I am often referred to as 'A Bag Lady'.  I just always seem to have so much stuff to bring with me.  Laptop backpack.  Work book bag.  Purse.  You get it right?  You're all like this - or is it just me?

So tell me 'What's in Your Bag?'  or if you're like me BAGS!  That's right - it's time to get your 'What's In Your?' vlog on!  This month, on Wednesday September 26, 2012, we want to know - what type of baggage you're carrying around with you.  Literally.  We want to see inside your purses.  Or for you moms - your diaper bags.  For you hobbyists - your craft bags.  Your camera bags.  For you health nuts - your gym bags.  Beauty connoisseurs - your makeup bags.  Basically if you have a bag - I want to know what's in it. 

So get out your cameras!  Pull out your bag!  Grab a beer - and get vlogging.

Hope Squared

But not before you check out my awesome co-hosts first!  

And this month we have an awesome guest host - Kate from The Kate Mixes.  You might remember her from awesome vlogs like 'What's On Your Feet?'   or 'What's In Your Closet?'  - Watch them - and get inspired. And don't forget to come back here on Wednesday September 26  and link up.  Word! 


  1. oooo, that outfit is perfect. I want. Can you host a giveaway, and give it to me?

  2. I agree - perfect outfit for fall. I'm with ya on the bags. I refer to my camera bag as "the diaper bag" it's pretty ridiculous. Those bags are super cute! The Londdon Backpack is pretty fantastic.

  3. Very nice blog! Found you through blog hop. Please check me out o(^-^)o


  4. I totally need to leave a reminder for myself somewhere to do this!

  5. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT - I'm excited :)

  6. That outfit makes me want to go take a hike and then sleep in a tent. Love it!

  7. Just found your cute blog through the giveaway. I am your newest follower :) Would love for you to stop by and follow along if you'd like.


  8. I have to tell you, I have the "Bella" Epiphanie bag, and while I LOVE her, she's a little bit *too* big. I sometimes feel as though I'm traipsing around with a weekend bag, and then, if I'm only carrying one camera, I end up just wrapping him in a scarf and plopping him in a big purse. But if I'm carrying more than one camera, absolutely- the Bella is my best bag!
    I want to do this one... but I'll have to link up late- better late than never, though, right?!?!


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