That Time I Got Sick In the Philippines

I shouldn't be posting since I just chugged a neo citran and am having a hard time stringing sentences together -  but here I am.  Every time I am sick - I think about the time I vacationed in the Philippines in 2002 - basically a billion years ago.  Anyways - I got the sickest I have ever been in my life there.  I remember sitting in our room freezing and hallucinating - I think I had a temp of 39.5 degrees or something.   The temperatures there were in the 100's and I was all bundled up in a sweater, jeans, and socks. It got to the point  that I had to go to some sketchy clinic on the Island we were staying on and get some sort of shot to break the fever - and then an ice bath.  At the time they thought I had dengue fever.  I had never heard of it before.  But they thought they'd have to keep me for a few days - my flight was scheduled to leave the following day.  I slightly freaked out - but was relieved they cured my fever - so I was almost OK with the decision.  Turns out I was just dehydrated.  Too much fun in the sun.  What a rookie mistake.  I've learned my lesson.

I try to use that moment as my sickness threshold - like I can't complain until I am that sick.  It never works because seriously the moment I get a sniffle I turn into a huge baby.  It's moments when I am really sick - and don't complain - that's when I know it's serious.  Anyways - this cold (or flu) that I have know - it's nothing - I am just being a big whiny baby.  It's allowed right? Right!  Thanks!

Besides being plagued with illness - this is what's been going on here.


First I want to say I wish I wasn't sick.  Obviously.  But seriously I am wishing that Breaking Bad wasn't taking a mid-season hiatus.  Seriously?  It's the last season - let's just end this already.  Tell me some of you watch this show?  So we can talk about it.


Still that Emily Giffin book - Where We Belong. I had wanted to get into it our last camping trip - but I got caught up with all the canoeing and campfire sitting that it just didn't happen. I have some vacation days coming up next week - I plan to get it read then. Plan is the operative word.


Chicken Noodle Soup. And Popsicles. And Vitamin C - the chewable ones - because we are like children in this family.


My nearly two-week staycation. Steve is headed to India for work - so I am taking some days off over the next two weeks to chill at home. Relax. Do girly things. Clean the office/sewing room. And hang with the cat. I am pleased I got sick before this happened. I am hoping I don't pass it on to Steve. I'd hate him to be sick on his trip.


My energy. I was convinced before this cold/flu broke out that I was just missing some vitamins in my diet so I went out and stocked up. Lately I have been feeling so drained. I am really looking forward to having some energy to get my lazy ass out of bed. It's been a struggle.

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  1. Hope you're feeling better soon, Em.

    Can we plan a shopping trip while you're on your staycation? Or maybe more like a "let's watch Dirty Dancing 4 times in a row, drink slushy alcoholic drinks, and make all the buffalo chicken items from Closet Cooking" day?

  2. I just started watching breaking bad, i'm half way thru season 2..today is a sick day for me too so there may be a little BB marathon going on :)

    take care!

  3. I'm sorry you got sick there, that's gotta suck. But on the bright side you were there. Hear the bitterness coming through? ;)
    We planned to go in January and our plans fell through :(

  4. I don't watch Breaking Bad, but I DO share your annoyance with mid-season hiatuses (is that how you spell that?). Sorry you're sick, but at least you still have your humor! (Or, something else that's encouraging.)

  5. I hope you start feeling better soon, Emily!!

  6. awww, i hope you recover quickly!

    i must say i've never watched breaking bad... but i just can't wait for vampire diaries XD

  7. Being sick sucks. But you're funny so I think I'll follow you. I need more funny people in my life. Maybe we'll be best friends and you can make me laugh all the time. ;)

  8. the Dangue Fever is a common sickness here in the Southeast Asia Countries. (i'm from malaysia) It has been snatching thousands of lives since a long time ago. If i'm not mistaken, the main cause of it is the Dangue Mosquitoes. Part of the reasons why I HATEEE mosquitoes!!

    by the way, -give me some words back? ..heh!

  9. Thanks so much for linking today on the GFC Hop! It's great to have you participating. I love seeing everyone who links up.

    Oh, I know you're busy, so just remember to follow your hosts via GFC :)

    And let me know so I can follow back.

    Thanks so much!


  10. awww my poor em!! I am equally as big of a whiner when I'm sick and fully take advantage of people having to do stuff for me, and by people, I mean my husband. I got the flu twice last year, so I know how it goes. Freakin SHITTY. And, I just finished watching every season of Breaking Bad during the last month (I know a secret website where I can stream them all... shhhh). Walt is a jerkface. That is all.

  11. what is it about getting death-sick before catching flights?? i had TERRIBLE food poisoning the night before i was supposed to leave florida a couple years ago but unlike you in thinking i cant complain unless i get *that* sick, everytime i get sick i become terrified that i WILL get that sick (as i have no idea what brought it on...i didnt eat anything different!!)

    since this is several days late, i hope you're feeling better by now!!

  12. Glad it wasn't really dengue. I've heard that this disease is contagious and life-threatening. It's not easily detected and if ever, it is sometimes already on the third grade, which is at a very dangerous level. There are already records of people who died in the Philippines. So whenever you're traveling there, always be careful. Time your visits to avoid the rainy season because that is when it's most common.
    Ula Cepeda @ U.S. Health Works Medical Group


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