What's In Your Bag? Vlog Link Up

So It appears that each time I vlog - the vlogs just keep getting longer and longer.  I think in a few months time - I'll be nearly at a sitcom in length.  I am sure my solo antics are just as amusing as Modern Family! OK - not really!

I am envious of your people that have access to a MAC - because you can edit your videos so they look profesh.  I decided to play with an awesome downloaded version of Windows Live Movie Maker and see what I could do.  It's evident - I have no idea how to edit videos.  I am not even sure if this is something I want to learn.

I tried cutting out some pieces - but clearly I don't know how.   Just watch it  - and try to enjoy it.  Please?  Thanks!  And when you're done - check out the vlogs from my babelicious co-hosts.

And Our Special Guest Host
[*Unfortunately Jazmine couldn't join us this month]

What's In Your Bag? The Lame Edited Version

{this should say - Tell Siri to Schedule You to Link Up on Wednesday October 17 - music 'Hot Water Music'}

Phew - thankfully that's now over!   Now - remember I mentioned moose?  yes - I saw moose earlier this year.  It was my first sighting ever.  It was amazing.  Have you ever seen a moose?

Here is a closer look at what I showed you - and seriously just way too much stuff to be carrying around.

And that's that!  I hope you link up.  We will be leaving the linky thing open for 7 days - so if you're a slacker like me - you have until next week to participate.  And if you don't want to participate this month - there is always next month.  We are scheduled for Wednesday October 17, 2012.  That's only three weeks from now.  If you have an awesome idea - share it with us - and if we rock-paper-scissors that we like it - you can have a chance to guest host with us.  So flip me an e-mail or leave an idea in the comments or tell one of my co-hosts. 

Also if you do link up -grab this button to put on your post - if you want to - no pressure.

Hope Squared

The What's In Your Bag? Link Up Will Remain Open for 7 Days


  1. I didn't realize your currency has animals on it... much cooler than American currency. Again, Emily, your blog makes me realize how little I know about Canada.

    I love your "sunnies"!

  2. I just want u to know that I always watch your videos no matter how long they are!! I use Premiere Pro to edit, it came with my adobe creative suite and I love it. I cant believe you dont have your license!! If you were to drive with me, the speed demon over here, you might have a heart attack. What about next month you could do whats in your junk drawer? Or whats in your fridge? Orrr whats in your shed.. hopefully no dead bodies. Kidding with that last one... Me wants to be a co host!!!

  3. I haven't been making vlogs, because trust me: there is nothing interesting about my closet or my bag. BUT you are hilarious. Seriously. Thanks for the fun vlog!

  4. Dude. I totally leave my debit card everywhere EXCEPT my wallet........

  5. I like your bag! I can't keep purses for that long though, somehow they get destroyed!!!

  6. Hi Emily! Super excited I found your blog, its super cute and you snagged my video blogging virginity!

    Brittany Michelle

  7. Found you on My Three Biggles. Your blog is great and I'm following along on GFC (Marilyn Clark)

    I am currently celebrating my blogiversary as well with 5 day as of giveaways. I'd love for you to come check it out and follow along if you like the blog.


    Have a great day!


  8. Your bag is cute! I too don't change bags or wallets for a while. Everyone needs floss in their bag!

  9. ha ha. I like that you stated 10 times that you are going to get a new bag! I am so glad that you are carrying around floss :)

  10. Canadian currency is way more awesome than American currency. Is that unpatriotic of me? I know how much we like to make fun of Canada, but your money is cool.

    I fully appreciate the importance of dental hygiene in your life.

    And good call on the picture.

  11. Phew! I was worried I was the only one with a long video.

    I carry both passports with me every where I go. I know I shouldn't. I've been told I shouldn't. Hell I've been begged not to. But honestly, living here it comes in more handy then I ever thought it would.

  12. I'd love to do this but I'm shy :/ this is great!

  13. Loved this link up!

    To answer some questions...
    In Seattle, Washington, they charge you .05 for paper bags and don't use plastic at all.
    I have no idea what's on the American quarter haha
    The nickel has the Jefferson Memorial and the penny has the Lincoln Memorial on it :)
    And we cannot use Canadian currency here in the states!

    <3 Jamie

  14. I did one of your vlog link-ups over the summer and loved it! sad I missed this one. but want to do the next one! can you give us a sneak peak of the theme? or a hint or something?



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