Almost November Rain

On Friday - I totally slept! It was amazing.  However the weather here has been awful.  It's been raining since Saturday.  Now the wind is insane - we are supposed to get 100 km/h gusts - don't know what that is in miles per hour - someone look it up for me.  Oh wait - I totally just opened this post talking about the weather.  But seriously - I just checked the weather and it's supposed to rain until Friday.  Lame.  Can we blame Sandy?  I think so.  Or can we.....

Yes - I went there!  But come on - you liked Milli Vanilli a little right?  I did.  Even though they fooled us all.  However weather like this just makes you want to listen to the extended version of November Rain - am I right?  Here you are - you're very welcome.

And since we've busted out old GNR - we might as well throw on some Garbage just to even things out.

Well now that you've got your full mix of rainy day tunes - how about some festive hallowe'en pictures - because to be honest this weather has sucked out any ounce of creativity in me.  So I hope you'll take what I am offering - because this is about it.

Say Hi to Frank - the Jack Frank o Lantern.  I carved him to life on Saturday.  I free handed that shizz.  Impressed? 

Last year we hosted a Pumpkin Carving Party so we thought we'd do the same this year.   Who am I kidding - I decided we were going to host another one.  I enjoy it so much I want to host one until I am too old to even lift a pumpkin.

Here is our collection of Jacks and a Frank.

Can you spot the jack o lantern? It's a tough one. 

Oh and while you're here - why don't you enter this giveaway?  Because you love me.  And I love my sponsors.  Speaking of sponsors - can I shamelessly post this again?

Check out the deets here! 


  1. It's like rayyyy-eeee-ain on your weddin day.

    Ok. That's my rain song for you. And it's Canadian to boot. Yay!!

    Someone posted a pic of me on FB and I called myself a moon face. Must be an October thing. Even though I don't think your face looks like a frank-o-lantern. Hopefully I get skinnier in November. Not likely considering Americans make it their job and personal mission to eat their way through the new year. And I'd hate to be unamerican.

  2. Hello Frank.
    You are scarily sexy if I must say so myself. :)

  3. I totally did like Milli Vanilli. Miss them. :)

  4. Cute pumpkins!!! Found you through the swap!! hi!!

  5. Awesome pumpkins! It's too warm to do that down here, they just don't stick around :(

  6. Love the rain tunes! I know what's going on my ipod now (:

  7. I liked Milli Vanilli A LOT - wait, did I just admit that publically? Dang.

    Your pumpkins came out awesome by the way.

  8. The Pumpkins are great! Found you through the Sunday Social hop! And from the looks of it, you are not as shy as you say you are in you about section:) ha! Would love a follow back!

  9. Haha all those songs about rain!

  10. great looking pumpkins! we carved only one this year, and we have a few whole ones on the porch..


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