Currently - I am tired!

Dudes I am tired!  October has totally wiped me out.  Work is busy.  The weather is turning.  Sleeping is hard.  And I am complaining. 

So I thought instead of just posting about how tired I am - I would link up with my friend Randalin and tell you what else has been going on here.  Though I can't promise that it will be chalked full of my usual banter.  Because guess what?!  I am too tired to be witty.


About how I am going to finish all my projects and reports and meetings and....finished before the end of the year.  We are currently preparing for our first accreditation at work - so needless to say it's been busy.  Today I had to take a break since I totally almost fell asleep at my desk.  I ended up buying a new plaid shirt and some new slipper shoes.  Oh and now I am worrying that I spent too much money.  You know what?  What aren't I worrying about?


To this!!! Everyday - it's my alarm.  The title is fitting to how I feel EVERY.SINGLE.MORNING.

Seriously this entire Hot Water album is AMAZING! It's not a terrible thing to wake up to.


For a vacation.  I need it.  Sadly there isn't enough time to take a proper one.  I am hoping to get some days off in December.  However I have a feeling that it will be spent shopping!  For Christmas.  Along with the rest of the City of Toronto.  Ummm....Randalin....Let's go to CUBA!


What I am eating! I am not dieting. I am just trying to make sure I eat. I am a terrible eater. I can literally run all day on a granola bar and several cups of coffee. I've been making myself eat some breakfast. And making myself leave my desk to eat lunch - and I've even cooked dinner every night this week. Yeah me!


Taking my last 7 days of vacation and sleeping them away.

So - what have you been up to? Link up here and tell me.



  1. Wow, everyone's currently seems pretty similar to how I'm feeling!

  2. Dude, I have a week of holidays left. Let's go to CUBA. Puh-lease??? I literally think I might die if I don't get away from work. Like, far enough away that I can't check my work email (or at least am too drunk to figure out how the computer works in some shady hotel).

  3. Oh man, Cuba sounds nice. I am with you on the worrying front -- everything is freaking me out. We aren't supposed to be this stressed during Pumpkin Spice latte season!

  4. I am SO with you on worrying. I am so worried about stuff right now that I feel like my head will explode! Hence why I am reading blogs ;). I am intrigued by your slipper shoes. Are they more slipper or more shoes?!

  5. Send some vacay days my way, I need a nap too.

  6. Cuba sounds way better than Christmas shopping with the rest of the city! I vote for the beach.


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