Giving Thanks.

Today is Canadian Thanksgiving!  So to my Canadian peeps in the blogosphere - Happy Thanksgiving, Eh!  We celebrated with a delicious feast of turkey and ham - and obviously we all ate too much. 

Thanksgiving is my favourite holiday.  I think I've mentioned this before.  But as you might know I am a total scrooge when it comes to Christmas.  I hate the stress, the commotion, the consumerism.  Thanksgiving is basically Christmas without all that.  You get to visit with family and eat.  And be thankful.

This year I was thinking about all the things I am thankful for - and I started thinking about all the opportunities I have had. All the opportunities that have shaped and moulded me.

So today not only am I thankful for my family but I am most thankful for....

Steve and I met in Canada - but never started dating until we both fled the country.  I think we were both on a soul searching mission - I am thankful our souls were only looking for each other.  Umm...I should have warned you about the barfness factor.  Sorry about that.   We started dating while living and working in Korea in December 2002.  This photo was taken just a few days after arriving in Korea.  Look at the love gaze I am shooting Steve with!  And if you look closely - you can see Steve's beard.  I love a bearded Steve.  I wish he'd grow one again.  Steve - are you reading this? grow a beard man! 

I am thankful for...

In my short 32 years of life I have had the chance to visit eleven countries.  I can't wait to grow this list longer.  However most of these countries have been best explored by driving through the countryside.  Though it's always more convenient to fly from point A to point B - I think you miss out on all the amazing things that happen along the journey.  This picture was taken in Laos heading from Vientiane to Vang Vieng - a four hour journey to Awesomeville!  That's what Vang Vieng should be renamed. 

I am thankful for...

This should say 'learning' to live in the moment.  Because if I didn't have the opportunity to backpack my way through some of South-East Asia - I doubt I would have ever learned how to live in the moment - because moments are just thrown at you.  You learn to be patient.  You learn to laugh.  You try your best to keep your cool and not get stressed.  Like when your Double-Decker bus hits another car on the highway and the windshield smashes - leaving you stranded for an hour or so at some random gas station somewhere between Bangkok and Laos after battling food poisoning for three days all the while sporting the worst haircut you've ever had in your life and vow to never go to a barber that only charges one dollar again.  That's how I learned to live in the moment. 

Speaking of bad hair...I am thankful that I don't have to deal with this anymore.

Just a word of advice - don't try to use box dye in a language that you can just barely read.  Because you might have the misfortune of looking like this.  I should also be thankful that I am not overly vain - and had a trip planned to the South of South Korea.  Travel is more important than my ridiculous hair.  Trust me - I am the girl with the 3 inch roots.  Absolutely ridic.

I am thankful for...

Seriously - the world is just awesome - bom de oda, bom de oda!  I am so so thankful that I have got to experience just a small sampling of it's awesomeness.  Views like this - make you go hmmmmm!

I am thankful for...

Am I right? 

And finally I am thankful for...

What are you thankful for?


  1. I feel the same way about Christmas!! It annoys the crap out of me and people always scold me for it!

  2. I love how honest you are about your passion. Anyone can tell that traveling is in your blood, within minutes.

  3. happy thanksgiving!! that's my favorite holiday too- all that goodness spread out on the table :)

    and i quite enjoyed the barfness factor in this post haha, it's nice to see that young love has a chance :)

  4. It looks like you have some amazing adventures to be thankful for!
    (I actually love to find gifts for people, so I tend to like Christmas)
    Have a super day!
    <3 Mei

  5. I love your epic run on sentence and your crazy Korean hair dye - hilarious. You can't leave Hope Squared without an LOL... #truth


  6. Oh girl, you make me laugh every time I stop by your blog. Such a fantastic post!! :D

  7. What? You like traveling? Why don't you travel your hot ace to Minnesota and see me?!? Boom.

  8. This is the best Thanksgiving post I've ever read. EVER. Happy Thanksgiving, eh!

  9. I think your hair is cute!

    Hi, I'm a new follower from the Yours Truly giveaway :)

  10. You are right about Thanksgiving...more emphasis on the thanking and less on the receiving. I will admit that I do love Christmas as well. And I so enjoyed your hair in all these pictures. Oh Korean hair dye. Hahahaha.

  11. Hello Emily! Found you at the GFC Blog Hop, I liked your blog a lot so I'm following you now ^^
    Hope you get a chance to visit me too. Have a great day xx
    n o i r e d a m e

  12. Great things to be thankful for!

    Thank you so much for joining the CHQ Blog Hop today! We hope you "meet" some other fabulous bloggers...don't forget to tell a friend to join too, the more, the merrier!!
    xo, Meredith @ www.waittilyourfathergetshome.com

  13. This is such a wonderful post! Loved reading what you were thankful for (many I would share) (okay, not the korean hair dye one, but...). Traveling, food, friends, family are all on my thankful list. And my husband's beard. I like a bearded husband too. Hear that, man I don't know named steve?! Grow a beard and man up for your wife! ;-)

    Found you through Mingle Monday and so glad that I did!


    And i love that two of your points deal with your hair.

  15. Great to meet you through GFC!

    Have a wonderful night!

    Katie Pea

  16. Hola! I am stopping by via Followers to Friends Blog Party! I LOVE the energy, passion, sincere tone of your blog! I am now your new loyal reader #621 and am looking forward to getting to know more about you and yours...I Love Basil (the leaf kind too ;)

    ~SimplyyMayra of
    PonderWonders at www.simplyymayra.com

  17. Happy Thanksgiving! Wow, what a neat, funny and well laid out blog! I'm happy I found you via the Followers to Friends Blog Hop. I'm your newest follower :)


  18. Hi! I co-hosted the Return the Favor Blog hop last week and am just now getting around to checking out the link-ups and following because I was sick. :( Feeling much better now!

    I loved this post! It's so neat that you have been able to travel so much.

    Hope you're having an awesome day!


  19. Happy Thanksgiving! I'm with you on your observation, I really like that Thanksgiving is less stressful than Christmas. I wish we could leave the commercialism and angst out of Christmas.

    Love the pictures :) And I love traveling, too, so I totally understand how it can change your views, force you to live in the moment, and well, yeah, I think I shaved part of my hair once in London.

    Thanks for stopping by my Blog Hop!

  20. I have the same feeling towards Christmas. Malls are so crowded. People running up and down the malls looking for gifts is just plain crazy. The holidays has become so commercialized.

    Happy belated Thanksgiving! So nice to find an awesome fellow Canadian blogger.

    Found your blog through blog hop and now following.


  21. I have the exact same feelings about Thanksgiving - it's all the food and all the family of Christmas without the hype. Best holiday ever.

    You may only be 32, but you sure have done a lot in those years! I just read through this and some of your other posts. Man, you have had one amazing go of it so far! I'm excited to see what you do next!


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