I baked! Apple Caramel Cupcakes

So sometimes I bake!  Remember when I told you I had a ton of hobbies?  Well baking and decorating cupcakes was once one of them.  Except - I am a terrible baker - and a much better decorator.  I have tried numerous times to make cupcakes from scratch and they always end up either too hard or too dry.  So I always settle for the boxed kind - because why mess with perfection?  Maybe one day I will try again - maybe not.  Anyways - this past weekend we were planning to have a post-thanksgiving dinner with a few friends - and when I stumbled on this recipe on Pinterest for Apple Caramel Cupcakes I knew I had to dust off my cupcake trays and tie on my apron.    So I did!  And they went over well.  Except - I forgot that I don't like cheese based icing - my hips and thighs were thankful. 

Here is my rendition...

They look delicious right?   You need to make these - one because they are fool proof - and two because they ARE delicious.  Next time - I would stick with a caramel butter cream and exclude the cream cheese so I could actually enjoy them. 

Here's what you'll need...

I knew right away that this recipe was going to be easy when there were less than 10 ingredients listed - and most of them I already had in the house.

For the Apple Cake Batter

1 Box of vanilla cake mix [I used Duncan Hines French Vanilla as suggested in the original recipe]
1 Can of apple pie filling
1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon
1/2 teaspoon of nutmeg
3 large eggs

The directions - sort of

1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
2. Open the can of pie filling and cut into bite sizes pieces.  The original recipe said to do this in the can by inserting the knife into the centre and moving toward the end of the can - I did this but next time I would use my hand blender to make the pieces of apple even smaller. 
3. Combine the ingredients above in a large bowl and mix it up.

4. Spoon into cupcake tray liners - I used an ice cream scoop to try and keep them even.
5. Bake for 16 minutes [the original said between 14 - 18 minutes so I stuck in the middle it they were perfect - kind of]

6. Let them cool completely prior to icing.  But I would totally eat one [or a few] while they are warm because they seriously taste amazing.

For The buttercream Icing

1/2 Cup of Butter
8 oz. Cream Cheese
1/4 Cup of Caramel Sauce [I used smuckers - because it's awesome]
3 cups of icing sugar [because the sweeter the better]

The Directions

1. Combine butter, cream cheese, and caramel sauce and mix until light and fluffy.  I let the butter and cream cheese soften out of the fridge prior to mixing.
2.  Add the icing sugar mixing in one cup at a time until desired consistency.

Since I wanted to ice the cupcakes right away [and because I wanted to mask the taste of the cream cheese] I added a little more icing sugar to stiffen it a bit since I was piping it on. [Yeah man - did you catch my baking jargon - I've still got it].

3.  Ice.  Decorate with caramel.  And viola!

For a much better explanation of how to bake these - check of the original recipe on Your Cup Of Cake

Now that I've got my baking bug back - what are some of your go to fall baking recipes? 

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  1. Those look SO good! And I mean your photos as much as the cupcakes :)

  2. This post is just pure evil.

  3. I agree with the person who posted before me, pure evil, i think i gained 2 pounds after looking at this post.

    i saw your blog on the hop and i love it of course. Now following you !


  4. Hiya there! Found you blog through the hop. It is so much fun to read. And these cupcakes, oh my goodness. Yum. This preggy lady is craving them bad! I may just have to whip some up tomorrow. Not sure if i will share them or keep them all to myself! Em xo

  5. Looks good Em! I love baking but never have a reason to :( if I made anything now D and I would be the only ones eating it. Hope your post-Thanksgiving went well! :D

  6. Oooh they look good! I am the opposite. I can bake, but my presentation skills are terrible. I have to convince people that although my baking looks nasty, it tastes damn good!!

  7. Those look SO GOOD! I think we may have all of these ingredients too!

  8. Those look so good. And they also look like something I absolutely can't indulge in while on weight watchers. Sad.

  9. Those look awesome and yummy, and now I need some sort of event to make them for so I don't have a badjillion cupcakes laying around the house tempting me to eat them all.

  10. Cake, caramel, apples?! I'll definitely be making these!

  11. Fantastic photos! And you make it sound so easy to do! Love it!

    Now following you chika! Follow back if you'd like. So happy I found you from the blog hop!


  12. WOW! Those look delicious! I think you're hustlin' us. You're probably a fantastic cupcake baker and decorator.


  13. These look amazing!!! Anything apple and I'm in!

  14. Everyday you impress me girl!! I love how awesome you are. I am proud to call you my blog friend. I'll even call you my IRL friend!!

  15. Really love your blog! everything looks yummy!

    im following you please follow back!



  16. oh myyyyy. I will most definitely be making these!

  17. Yu-uh-um! That was a 3 syllable yum, in case you couldn't tell. Pinning!

  18. This look DELICIOUS! I'm adding them to my list of yummy fall foods to try.
    As for my go to fall baking recipes? I don't really have any other than Paula Deen's Pumpkin Gooey Butter Cake that I make every Thanksgiving.
    I've been printing out a ton of the fall/Thanksgiving-esque recipes that I've been finding on SkinnyTaste.com though. They have some really good looking ones.

  19. I have to try these. Probably tonight!

  20. Newest follower here! Cute blog, I can't wait to try your recipe!

  21. These look SO good!
    Thanks for linking up to The Pinspiration Project :)

  22. Yum! Yum! Looks scrumptious! If I ever bake this is something I must try.

  23. Holy cowww these look good!! I have random spurts of baking sprees - I'll have to add this to my list!

  24. OK, I tried making them, but never got the frosting to firm up. They were a bit sticky and runny, but pretty tasty!

  25. these look so freaking amazing!!!!

  26. Hi!

    Looks so yummy! This is a great project :)

    I found your blog on the blog hop. I'm a new follower! :)

    Rushing for Bagels

  27. I absolutely love the little golden pearls you used! I can never find them up here *tears*

    Thank you for linking up to TPP - hope to see you again this Tuesday. Definitely have missed your posts for it!


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