I'm not anti-social; I'm just not user friendly

As much as I want to be cool - I am a total geek.  I geek out over the most ridiculous things.  I always have.  When everyone is ready to party hard - I am ready to get in my jammers [PJ's] and get nose deep in some sort of Google search.  I am sure if I was born 20 years earlier - I'd be at home reading encyclopedias or the dictionary - but Google is my best friend.  This is basically my theme song. 

This week Lena's Tuesday Ten is to share some Geeky Facts about myself.  Easy as 3.14159265359.  

+ I check my Google Analytics and Quantcast stats on the daily - and then at the end of the month I export to excel and pivot table the shizz out of those stats.  Sadly I don't use them to better my blog because I am a lazy geek  - but I do put them into pretty pie charts for my viewing pleasure.  

+ I love documentaries.  Like a lot.  Especially if they are animal related.  About snakes. Or lions.  Or lemurs.  I really like lemurs. 

+ In grade 12 my greatest accomplishment was memorizing the periodic table.  I can't remember it now and have thought about studying it again.  Probably from watching too much Breaking Bad.  

+ I took grade 13 Chemistry twice.  Not because I failed - but because I liked it so much and I wanted to get a better grade - but mostly because I enjoyed it.  Probably stems from my love of chemical nomenclature.  

+ Before deciding on the career I am in now I wanted to get my PHD in Genetics because I was totally obsessed with forensics.  I had dreams of moving to British Columbia and studying at UBC

+ Then I wanted to become an Ophthalmologist - but decided that eyeballs gross me out - so then I studied nursing and realized that blood, puke, and poo gross me out - so now I work in Community Support Services.  I sit at a desk and manage some programs - but I also manage the internal client database so I get to geek out on that.  It make my little geek heart flutter.

+ For the longest time - probably up until last year - the only books I read were text books and non-fiction.  Whatever I was into - I was reading it.  Food politics.  Travel guides.  Then I got into blogging and you all convinced me to read the Hunger Games.  OK - so I read the Shopaholic series too - so what!  

+ I love learning.  If I could afford it - I would totally be a full-time student.  Forever.  However that money thing gets in the way.  But I keep sneaking in courses here and there - when I can swing the cash and the time.  

+I love crosswords.  Except I suck at them.  I also love Scrabble.  I am not too terrible at it.

+ A good Friday night consists of a six pack of beer and coding a new design - it's topnotch if I can figure out something awesome like an image sprite.  Those moments are fist pump worthy.  

What Makes you Geek Out?


  1. I have terrible insomnia and just woke up my Hubby from giggling so much at this! I'm a self-proclaimed nerd, too! I love books, chemistry, maps, graphing calculators... You name it! I looooooove your blog, you freaking crack me up. Stop on over to my blog and say hello

    MarlaJan at Luck Fupus

  2. Hey Geeks are becoming very popular!

  3. I LOVE your list and your geek picture:) Easy as PI - HA! I feel geeky just knowing that! My hubby and I are both fascinated with forensics - mostly because of the TV show Bones. Wow - memorizing the periodic table is very impressive! Happy Tuesday!

  4. We are total geeks at my house. I'm working on my second Bachelor's degree, and Ammon is finishing up his chemistry degree. It's impossible to have a conversation in my house where chemistry isn't brought up at least once... and our idea of spending time together usually involves us reading, or watching the Big Bang Theory. And I'm legitimately engaged to a real life Sheldon Cooper. Really.

  5. easy as 3.14159265359...I see what you did there ;)

    I, too, am a big nerd. I begged my husband to take online chemistry this semester just so I could have a refresher course.

    The biggest thing I geek out about is definitely Harry Potter. I know it's not academia related but I am who I am. And obsessed with Harry Potter is the way I am.


  6. Being a geek is great fun! I love anything related to ancient history, so a Friday night sat in my PJs with a cuppa and a book on ancient Greece makes me geek out!

  7. I LOVE this post! I am so nerdy too so I totally relate! I geek out over documentaries too, about a lot of different things. I also like studying wikipedia on random things. Often things I see in documentaries. I have a feeling we would be friends in real life. :P

  8. ha ha! you are a geek! :) takes one to know one!
    I can't believe that until the Hunger Games you only read text books...ugh! I'm glad we've brought you over to the dark side. lol

    I too love scrabble but i can't spell to save my life = terrible at it too!

  9. I so love your posts. I must be a geek too...I love so many of the things you love. I still love textbooks. Not all are created equal....but a good one is so great!

  10. I love this!! I'm such a book nerd and I secretly love lesson planning. Oh I also get really excited for new school supplies (pens and post-its, yes!) Haha. Embrace the geeky-ness. :)

  11. Dear Emily, I am learning how to code and make my blog look cute. Sadly, I am using just an ipad and things don't look the way I want most times. I love learning but had decided classes are too expensive for the time being. I thought getting a job doing something else would be like learning new things. So I'm trying to find a job doing something else now. I am not very geeky, yet. :o)

  12. Lol I completely forgot about that music video! It's hilarious! I am a geek because I like to read and I am a Harry Potter and Star Wars fan! :)

    Xoxo Jessica

    Excited to be your newest follower (found you through followers to friends blog hop!)

  13. found you via the blog hop! lug the link ups you have going on :)
    come say hi

  14. How come I never thought to put the data into excel and make charts out of them?! I gotta try this. I hadnt heard of Quantcast so I just signed up now. :)

    I love learning too. I so badly want to go back to school to do some learning but ugh. Money. I wish I could just take a bunch of random classes. The ones that just really sound neat, you know? That would be so fun!

  15. Love your blog, and great layout!
    I found you from the GFC Blog Hop, i'm your newest follower now! Hope you can check out my blog as well!

  16. I love your list :)
    The whole learning thing? Totally me!
    But, this blogging this is as good as school :)
    I'm stopping over from Chelsie's big giveaway!

  17. love your blog! would you like to follow each other in gfc? let me know! http://xxxloveisbeautyxxx.blogspot.ie/

  18. You're kinda funny. I think I like you. Want to be friends? Okay, well no matter what your answer is..I want to be your friends. So there. New follower!

    And I'm glad you're a doing the ornament swap.

  19. Hi! Coming over from Yours Truly! :)

  20. Found you through a Bloghop. Loving you and your geekiness! New follower, for sure :)

  21. haha geek pride! my husband and i are total nerds- watching game of thrones or a harry potter movie marathon is our idea of a good time! new follower from the hop :)


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