My First Blog Design Redesign

About a year ago - just shy of eight days - I designed my first blog that wasn't my own.  My sister-in-law , Vikki, bravely let me tinker with her blog insides to give her a new look.  Like any blogger - she was itching to shake things up and asked me to change things around again.  Except this time she didn't give me much guidance.  Oh - except for the link to one blog that she liked.  Luckily I think I know her well enough to know what she likes.  Or at least she is really good at making me think that I do.  It might be that family thing and not wanting to be rude! Anyways - after a few ideas I finally committed to this design - of course after encouraging Vikki to at least look at it!  Hopefully she isn't cursing my name.

Here are some things that I know about Vikki - that helped guide me through this design:

+ I know she likes green
+ I know her daughter likes purple
+ I know she likes clean & simple designs - with a little oooomph - even if she doesn't think she does
+ I know she has nine cats, 2 adults and 6 7 babies p.s. I suck at math[but that doesn't count as a design tip - I just wanted to tell you]
+ I know that she also has two horses & that I am afraid of them - oh this doesn't count either
+ I know that she has three kids - that are all equally as funny in their own way - wait that doesn't count either

The point is I think I know Vikki well enough to create a design that she'd at least kind-of like.  What do you think?  Should I scrap it and start over?  Or just keep convincing Vikki that she loves it?  Go over check it out - and tell her what you think!


  1. Oh my, I love that you two are related! She is a new favorite of mine and I love her new design! you did a great job!!

  2. It looks fantastic!! You did a great job!!!

  3. This is great! Don't change a thing!! Also. I am starting to put blog buttons back up on my blog. You never left. You're the only one who hasn't because you're my penny...buuuut I want to go back up on yours. Do you charge for that stuff now? Tell me how much!!

  4. Consider yourself accomplished because you did a great job. I wish I can do something like this.
    Good choice in the font style.

  5. Gosh darn, I sound like a real dork when you list off things about my life.

    Its 2 adult cats and 7 babies, but who is counting???

    And I am madly in love with my blog.....smooches.

  6. I like it, so clean and simple! :)


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