Show Me Your Junk! {What's In Your Junk Drawer? Vlog Link Up}

Only 7 days late and we are live - and this time we want to see your junk!  Am I the only immature one that laughs anytime I think or say the word junk?  Probably.  Thanks to my lady KV for the awesome topic. 

This is probably my worst and longest vlog yet.  I got home - cooked dinner - hung out with the cat and Steve - and the remembered I needed to record this.   Plus it was so rainy and dreary today - that I just feel like I am dragging.  Oh yep - there I go talking about the weather - you're going to start thinking I am actually an 80 year old woman behind this blog.  I assure I am not.

Before we move on - because you're totally intrigued to show us your junk - record your video - post your post and use this button.
Hope Squared

Another Long Hope Squared Vlog

Did you get through all of that?  And to be honest that's not even close to the amount of junk that I've got hidden.   It's ridiculous.

Oh and the disc I found with our wedding pics - this is why I was happy about locating it.

Should I frame this?  Do you want a copy?  It's probably the best wedding picture of all time.  I really think the moody outer glow gives it the perfect touch.  You can see some more in this post.

Oh and we are changing things up - because the holidays are coming and our lives are all busy.  So this month we are giving you next months prompt - now!  This way you have an entire month to prepare.  So next month on Wednesday November 21 - we want to know What's In Your Thankful Heart? 

If you're interested in guest hosting let me know!  Just leave a comment or flip me an e-mail.  Oh and here is the button for next month!  I know - we are totally on top of things.

Hope Squared

p.s.  Don't forget to remind me closer to the date to record my vlog. 

p.p.s.  Don't get confused - the button at the top is for today's link up and this button here (just up there) is for the link up for next month.  However I think the dates and topics should help you out.  I don't mean to get all micromanagey on you.

SO YO, Link up here!


  1. Dude I dunno what it is about you but you're one of those amazing people who is funny without trying. You remind me of Ellen. And it's awesome. I'm crying right now from laughing so hard. Of course I watched the whole thing.

    The best part was the boob stress ball... hands down. I stuck to my kitchen junk drawer, but I should have pulled a compilation of the best odd picks from the 18 junk drawers we currently have, then I would have remembered to include the fake plastic dog poop I tricked Josh with one time.

    Inappropriate? Nahhh...

  2. Not from a small town but I call it Crappy Tire too. As does my family. My small town husband on the other hand does not. Weird.

    We keep Canadian Tire money on hand to mess with our other expat friends, "No really our currency has a man with a knit hat on it. Really!"

  3. I totally love your blog entries! You are so adorable and relatable and I feel like when I watch them that you are having a conversation with me.

  4. Wow Emily... such a big spender with a 5 cent rewards coupon. Don't go spending that in one place...

    Your vlogs are always a rambling gold mine. Keep them coming!

  5. Wow! Your junk is AWESOME!! I had an old phone in mine too! I am posting mine right now but I am waiting on the darn video to show up in my YouTube! I will link it up ASAP!!

  6. Ahaha, I love the 5 cent reward. I don't think I've ever seen a store give out cents before. Usually it's just in various dollar increments!

  7. ha ha ha E-Ho you are so funny to me. I wish that I would have done my nightstand junk drawer, because then we'd have quite a similar vlog! I think that a boobie stress ball would be very relaxing to babies.. Good call on that one!

  8. I would show what is in my junk drawer, but I do not believe I can even open it right now!!!



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