The Mini Hiatus

Lyrical Quote Here - But don't listen if you don't like the F word.
Hey there - worlds worst blogger over here!  I sort of took a mini hiatus.   Like the hiatus I took from watching Gossip Girl and then decided that last night would be a good night to start watching again.  Ummm...excuse me didn't Bart Bass die?  And Serena is dating some dude that is the father of some girl that's shacking it up with Nate - and who already has slept with Lily?  When did Gossip Girl go all Bold and The Beautiful?  Maybe it always was.  But it warmed my heart to see Chuck and Blair together.  Needless to say I spent the rest of the night catching up on blogs trying to figure out what was going on - because umm....wasn't Blair pregnant?  And married to some prince?  And why is Dan's hair still so bad? 

So basically taking a hiatus from the blog is exactly like taking a hiatus from Gossip Girl.  You totally miss out on everything.  Like ummm....there is an election going on in America?  [Totally kidding - I have been well informed by twitter, instagram and Facebook].  How can you all stand the suspense?  It's so serious man!  I hope your guy wins.  I don't think politics in Canada are that big of a deal.  Maybe they are and I just don't pay attention.  That's probably bad for me to admit.  I think I learned in grade 10 how the election process in Canada worked - now I have no idea.  Doesn't the queen still rule us anyways?  I mean she's all over the money - she's got to have some klout in what goes on in Canada.  I should get educated on this stuff. 

Anyways - I needed a little break!  Work and life just got in the way and something had to go - sadly hobbies go first. And then I got sick.  Sucky!  But a week it too long - because I feel so behind on all my favourite blogs and bloggers.  I am sure at least five of them are now pregnant.   Or marrying a prince.  Or dating some guy their mom slept with.  OK maybe not the last one. 

Also I feel like a jerk to my collaborators [you know those hotties hanging on my sidebar]- sorry blabes!  I'll try to make the rest of November better.  So dedicated readers go check them out - because they probably have more interesting content then this girl over here.  At least you get cute pictures of my cat.  That I can always promise.  


  1. OH! I totally hate-watch GG. I used to love it, but I think it's gone so far off the ridiculous diving board that my friend and I just watch it to rip it to pieces. That said, I get so excited to do it.
    But yes. Dan's hair is ATROCIOUS, and actually was worse last season. And the Serena-Nate love square is just ewww.
    Haha, how sad is it that I just got SO excited to comment about this??
    Anyway, I hope you feel better. Get some good Basil-cuddles; I bet he gives great hugs.
    Side story- when I worked at a vet clinic, one of our cat-patients actually did give hugs. She'd wrap her paws around your neck, put her cheek on yours, and squeeze. It was adorable!

    Feel better!

  2. Love this post! I haven't watched Gossip Girl in so long that if I sat down and gave it a chance, I'd probably feel like someone who has woken up in the future! And the caption on your cat photo is exactly how I'd caption most photos of my dog :)

    x Ellie @ Ellalogy 

  3. You know what happened when I took a blogging hiatus? I missed a vlog link up!! I'm so bummed.

    And I am so far behind on gossip girl I may never know what's going on again. Oh well. Maybe I'll be able to catch up with my blog friends and keep their lives straight a little easier than it is to follow gossip girl?

  4. The real question is how did Serena's boyfriend not remember or figure out that he had dated Lily until she called him on it! And the even BIGGER question is how did I not notice till last night that Serena's boyfriend is actually Matt from 7th Heaven! *sigh.

    p.s. I'm not pregnant. Or marrying a guy my mom slept with.

  5. I'm so glad you're back! I missed you! :P

  6. I guess I should thank my boyfriend that I would never get away with watching that show in my house! ;)
    Welcome back, hope your feeling better!

  7. Bahahahahah "doesn't the queen rule us anyway?" Probably. How DO canadian politics work? I'm so ill-informed.

  8. I've always wanted to watch Gossip Girl (I've read most of the books) but I'm embarrassed to have it in my Recently Watched list on Netflix. Kinda strange, I know.

    Also I'm glad you're back, I thought I'd accidentally unfollowed you or something. Haha.

  9. I've been on a blogging siesta for a month now. I never intended to do it, but Autumn TV kinda hooked me in and I forgot to blog! As for ol' Queenie - well here in the UK she has no interest in us at all, so maybe that's cos she is busy with you guys in Canada? Or mabye she prefers Australia?! Who knows. By the way, you have a gorgeous kitty :)

  10. I've been on a blogging siesta for a month now. I never intended to do it, but Autumn TV kinda hooked me in and I forgot to blog! As for ol' Queenie - well here in the UK she has no interest in us at all, so maybe that's cos she is busy with you guys in Canada? Or mabye she prefers Australia?! Who knows. By the way, you have a gorgeous kitty :)

  11. Your cat does look pretty darn happy, haha. I can't even keep up with GG anymore - funny how missing a few episodes can be so confusing.

  12. Ahaha, you crack me up. I got into Gossip Girl right after the first season ended. And then got sick of it once they went off to college. It got a little too soap opera-y for my tastes. I can handle some crazy shenanigans, but it just became a little too much. I had the tv on recently when an episode came on and I could've sworn it seemed like Blair and Dan were dating. That can't be right, can it? CAN IT?! Just, no.

    Hope you're feeling better!

  13. sometimes you need to zone out and get into a tv show. and i agree about hiatus from a blog being like missing out on a tv show - i always feel so lost wheni come back from vacations

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

  14. ha ha ha. You crack me up. I lol'ed at the part about the queen ruling you. I really have no idea how canadian politics work. I thoroughly enjoyed your tweet to me with the hashtag #notevenanamerican. You are a hoot. I love basil. May be the only cat I love, and I am serious.

    Have a good weekend E-Ho!

  15. Phew I was getting nervous there for a bit... don't scare me like that E-Ho! xo

  16. Oh Gossip Girl. I was the same way and watched a bunch of episodes then stopped then "caught up" on Netflix. So much happens when you go on mini-hiatus dang it! Haha. Love that picture of basil...cats are so much more cuddly when it's cold out! Yay.

  17. new follower! you are hilariou and your name is Emily so I love you already!


  18. missin' you! this is me hopin' that Hope Squared is feeling better and enjoying a much needed Movember break. xo


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