I'm not much of a comeback kid!  It's actually easier to not blog than to blog - which is stating the obvious.  December is always so busy.  Work is busy because of all the holidays and the rush to fit in all your leftover vacation days.  Getting prepared for Christmas is busy.  So all those leftover vacation days don't really feel like a vacation.  I'm taking the week before Christmas off - in hopes that I won't be that sucker shopping on December 24th.  However I know this isn't true.  I am ALWAYS that sucker.  Which is part of the reason I am a big scrooge.  Anyways - since I've been absent this is what's been going on in the life of E-Ho not to be confused with eHo (eHealth Ontario) which I share an alias with.

Currently Making

Plans!  And lots of them.  Project plans at work.  Plans to clear out our clutter at home.  Plans to save money so I can hopefully travel to London, England and witness my two good friends get married.  Plans to spend all my saved dollars on Christmas presents.  Plans to figure out how we are going to survive the rest of the month with empty bank accounts.  Plans to get my hair did!  It's been six months since my last visit to the salon - things are getting ridiculous.  Obviously I am really good at postponing and delaying plans - like it's my job!

Currently Thinking

about this blog!  How I want to redesign it! Where I want it to go! What I want it to represent!  and how I don't even have the time to think about it.  Maybe in the New Year?  It's always good to start the year fresh with a new design and new goals.  Last year I had 12 goals.  Now I am thinking about how many of them I actually accomplished!  It will probably be a depressing revelation.

currently Loving

that How I Met Your Mother is on Canadian Netflix.  I have watched so many episodes the past few days it's borderline an obsession now.  So much that I wonder how I could meet a friend like Barney Stinson?  I don't have any friends that suit up.  Maybe I'm hanging with the wrong crowd?

currently cooking

nothing!  I love to cook - but I am so lazy these days.  The microwave and I have become pretty tight.  And thankfully it's clementine season.  I ate an entire box in less than a week.  I've probably reached my vitamin C quota for the winter season. 

Currently Dreaming

of the ocean! I need a vacation desperately. This always happens once the fall weather disappears and the cold frigid air sweeps in.  It has me longing for this

want to join me?

What's up with you?


  1. Welcome back (kind of) haha. Good luck shopping, organizing and attempting to cook again. In the mean time...Clementines and Netflix are a good ally. :)

  2. I love HIMYM, me and the hubs have every season on dvd.

  3. Hellooooo, Friend! You're right- there are days that I just know my blog is NOT going to happen. Sadly, my "busy" is not nearly as productive as yours... so I don't have nearly the same validity of an excuse.
    I have also not got my hair did. I'm trying to figure out this henna hair dye thing, and there isn't a salon nearby that does it, so I'm thinking of attacking my bathroom by myself.
    Happy December! Happy Christmas-prep! Good to 'see' you around here!

  4. I'm slowly watching HIMYM on Netflix too- I love it! Glad to see you're not quitting on us, I miss my daily dose of EHo in blogland!

  5. I thought you promised me you'd made an appointment to get your hair did like, 2 months ago. For shame, EHo. Glad you're finally going to bite the bullet and take care of it, at least.

    The month of December is just evil. It is. There's too much to do, and it makes January feel all ugly and hungover.

  6. Hey E! It's so much easier to not blog than blog.. true words. But I love hearing from you when you do :) Happy holiday prep!

  7. amen to figuring out what to do with one's blog... I'm in the same boat... would you mind taking the oars for the both us? thanks.

    your last photo gots me SUPER excited for our upcoming trip to Mexico - my parents are renewing their vows and are paying for accommodations and since airmiles paid for our flights cervasas for everyone! except I don't drink beer. You should totally come - it'll be like a Spanish version of Wedding Crashers ;) xo

  8. We are obsessed with HIMYM!!!!! Marshall and Lily are my absolute favorite :-)

  9. hey! i found you through the BBU Blog Hop and decided to follow. this is such a cute post! keep up the good work :)



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