Don't call it a comeback ....I been here for years

It almost feels foreign opening this page and typing in this text box.  It's almost as though I need to provide you with some explanation for my disappearance - but then I don't really have one.  Nor excuses.  Usually I am full of them.  But I can tell you the truth - sometimes you just need to step back and take a creative break.   And during that time catch up on some much needed sleep.  So instead of forcing myself to sit in front of the computer for a a few hours each night - I sat on the couch and watched TV.  Really, really bad TV and let myself sleep. I felt sad not updating my online journal  on the daily - but after a few days I almost forgot all about it.  I am not sure what that means?  But it's not surprising.  I am a woman who rarely sticks with anything.

At first I wondered why it was I insisted on keeping up with a blog in the first place.  Surely it isn't because of the blogfame - I am painfully too far away from that milestone and am sure I will never get there.  Especially since a month of no blogging as indicated a decline in readership. I probably could make the D list at best.  Thanks to those of you that have been refreshing and waiting patiently for an update. But after a lot of thought it's simple - I like to capture the memories.  I am not a scrapbooker or a photo album keeper - I am not even good at printing photos.  Seriously, I've got a frame hanging in my apartment with the stock photos.  I have started to believe that the people in the frames are my friends and family.  Need proof - here you go! 

Ridiculous right?  Back to my point - if you haven't noticed I am barely a writer - but it's the only way I know how to document and remember things.  So maybe that's why I blog?  And that's why I miss it.  So I guess I am back.  But I am going to make some changes.  Because I need to be realistic about my expectations - and now what kind of commitments I can handle.  Like signing up for swaps!  I signed up for three ornament swaps all that occurred during my hiatus.  I failed on all of them.  Probably making me look like some sort of jerk.  Maybe I am?  Sorry if I let you down.  Note to self - stop signing up for things you can't commit to. Anyways you don't really care about my blogging plans do you?  Or my apologies. 

I hope to get back into the swing of things!  Stick around - if you want to. 


  1. Welcome back! Totally know what you mean about just needing a break sometimes. But I love your blog and I'm glad you're writing again! :-) jenn


  2. I missed you, but I TOTALLY get taking a break- I've been feeling rather uncreative and unmotivated lately as well, and I was feeling guilty about skipping days, but then I was all, "you know what? whatever. It's better to skip a day (or week...) than to post about how I like my pantry organized. Or yet another whinging monologue about how much I miss England."
    So I'm glad to see your face, but I will also stick around if you need another hiatus.


  3. Have you checked out my blog lately? No? Probably not since I haven't updated since Thanksgiving and then at least 2 months before that. Glad you're semi-back though especially since I never get to see your face anymore! I'm guessing the xmas party is going to be our next get together so let's make it a good one! Miss you guys :)

  4. Welcome back :) We all need breaks from things we like to do ;)


  5. I blog for the same reason - for my memories later down the road
    :-) I came to the same realization that I didn't want to blog something just so that I was blogging every day. I really only wanted to document the things that I want to remember :-)

  6. Hey we all need to take a creative break sometime to come back part or full time swing.
    It's only natural. No need for excuses or anything. :)

    Cathy Trails

  7. Welcome back! I missed your posts. They always bring a smile to my face. :)

    We all need a break at times and thee's nothing wrong with making changes! I say this because I'm in the middle of working on my change of blog plans too.

  8. it happens man, the hiatus followed by the rethink :)
    for me that meant a new blog, a fresh start, it's felt really good. You're probably not as extreme as me though :)

    welcome back, take it one day at a time.

    i couldn't help laugh at our comment about the ornament swap! my friend Alisha is hosting one and i wrote her this long blurb about why i couldn't join in because I knew I'd be a swap fail LOL I'm pretty sure she thinks i'm a freak but I've made the same mistake of over committing and then whomp whopm whomp. :)

  9. Don't sweat it.

    Sometimes, the words just aren't there.

  10. Welcome back! I love reading your posts. Canada is so interesting ;)

  11. Oh I'm so glad to see this! Don't even worry about it dude - seriously. If one thing will bring you down most in the blog world it's that nagging expectation to be perfect until you burn out. I took a hiatus last summer during a really difficult time in my life and didn't blog for 2 months. I really needed that time to reconnect and redefine myself and why I blog, and I came back with a clearer head and new sense of commitment. We all get overwhelmed and it's OK to step back and give yourself a break. Of course I will stick around - you will never lose a follower in me! xo


  12. I definitely want to stick around. :) I enjoy your blog so much. I love your style!

  13. Sometimes you have put yourself first...not the damn computer!! I look forward to reading whatever from you!

  14. I'm so glad you are back...and you are totally blog famous in my book. :)

  15. It doesn't matter why you blog, or when you blog, as long as it's from your heart. Glad you had a restorative break, and I'm glad you're back!

  16. I'm pretty sure whoever made you, made me. We operate the same way and whether you dive in with both hands and update us daily or throw us a post here and there, I'm.not.going.anywhere.

    Welcome back, home, you know what I mean,
    xo your sister from a different mister

  17. Who are you again? I see your blog. But I'm totally coming up blank. I think I recognize the layout. Its a really nice layout. Who did it?

    I've been blogging for both you and Amira. And I am starting a giveaway today, but it is only open to US residence. I sorta feel shitty about that. So shitty in fact, that I will probably send you something. Like an ornament. Or pictures for your lifeless frames. ;)

  18. It's always OK and necessary to take a step away, in order to come back - it's like long distance lovin ;) The blog world is an understanding community, so I would not stress or worry! Welcome back! And stopping by via Follow Friday :) xx


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