The Ikea Monkey

If you live in Toronto - or even if you don't - I am sure by now you've heard of Ikea Monkey?!  In case you haven't here is a picture - and even though I feel sad for this little guy - I am happy that his Canadian owners thought enough to keep him warm in a snazzy coat.

Here's an article from CBC if you want to brush up on the big news going on around here!

Anyways I didn't come here today talk about Ikea Monkey - I came to tell you that today Steve and I celebrated our 10 year dating anniversary.  Well kind of.  It's not really our anniversary.  Well you can read about all that in last year's 9 year recap. Except today we did something awesome!  I'll tell you about it sometime - because even though Steve had his work Christmas party to attend tonight (spouses have been banned from attending - what a marvelous idea!!) and I hung out alone - the day was still awesome.  Maybe I will tell you about it sometime!  Or I could just show you another picture of Ikea Monkey!!!

Even if it is awful - a monkey in a coat kind of makes you laugh right?  Almost as much as a cat in a bow tie?!!  Well - I think the owners got a fine for having an illegal animal (or something like that) I didn't really read up on it too much.  I need to stay on top of the news, seriously!

Anyways - happy 10 year dating anniversary to Steve!  We've come a long way - and it's been quite the adventure.


  1. MONKEY!!!!!

    Happy anniversary!!!

  2. Happy anniversary!!

    And I agree- while it's sad he was left in the car and all, those pictures are hilarious. I also like the witness in the parking deck who said "it peeked out from behind a car and I thought I was going insane!"

  3. You two are an awesome, adorable couple. Congratulations on so many years of happy togetherness. Here's hoping you have many, many more!

    Spouses/significant others are mandated at our Christmas party. Someone has to drive our drunk asses around =)

  4. Happy anniversary!

    The husbands workplace insists spouses attend. I think it's so the other spouses can meet and complain about being dragged to Switzerland by their partner.

  5. This was seriously the laugh I needed this morning. I love all the comments in the story! Thanks for sharing Emily!

    And youre right, the monkey did overtake your anniversary news :) But happy 10 year!!!

  6. omg I love that monkey!!!!!! and the coat!!! and ikea!!!

  7. Happy Anniversary guys! One of the best couples around!

    And spouses were banned from D's xmas party too. I was really okay with that. See you guys Saturday!

  8. From one T.O girl to another,Happy Anniversary!That monkey cracks me up, and for some reason it's funnier then a cat in a bow tie.Thanks for the chuckle!

  9. Happy anniversary!! You guys are too cool for school.

  10. Happy way late anniversary!! AND monkey!!!!


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