I took a break from eating oranges

I originally thought that when I got pregnant I would want to write down everything.  I thought I'd have a plethora of blog content - no more thinking what should I write about.  There is some truth to this - I have tons I want to write about.  Tons I want to share.  Tons I want to remember.  But truthfully - what I am lacking tons of - is time!  Between nesting at home and nesting at work - this mama bird just doesn't have the energy to open blogger and type down her thoughts. 

But as I approach the 20 weeks mark tomorrow - halfway through my pregnancy - I've been thinking just how fast this experience is going to pass by.  So I am going to make concerted effort to try and update periodically.  And since Randalin asked for a B-Ho update via twitter - I decided I'd write a currently post because I am not going to commit to writing a weekly bumpdate - because I'll fail.  I'm lucky if I remember to snap a picture with my phone of my rapidly growing uterus/fetus.  Because let's be serious - that belly is big!

currently loving

Fruit!  It's unbelievable the amount of fruit I consume.  Oranges in particular.  Mandarin oranges.  Navel oranges.  Tangerines.  And frozen mangoes.  And frozen strawberries.  And grapefruit.  Seriously it doesn't matter.  I am not sure how healthy a strict diet of fruit is - but it's probably better than craving things like dirt or paint chips!  I am sure my fruit obsession has attributed to my current lack of weight gain.  Up to last week I had only gained 4 pounds.  Mind you I was packing a few extra pounds prepregnancy, thanks to my dear friend Carl(sberg) (p.s. I miss you) but...I was concerned.  My midwife quickly told me that there was no need to weigh myself - I mean she never weighs me.  She basically told me I should toss out my scale.

Oh I am also loving that we got to see B-Ho for the second time last week. Everything looked good - or at least I was led to believe.  We saw the heart - all four chambers.  We saw B-Ho swallow (twice).  We saw two arms and two legs.  And the sonographer told us the sex - well her best educated guess - and she guessed due to the lack of boy parts that B-Ho is most likely 60% girl. 
What's your take on this?  It's kind of annoying.  I battled whether I wanted to know the sex or not - so when I finally decided a 60% reading doesn't provide me with much confidence.  Has this happened to you?  Are sonographers less likely to tell you a girl prediction than a boy?  Because boy parts are more obvious? Until I know - I'll hold off on the baby bikini shopping. 

currently wishing

That B-Ho is healthy. We had our anatomical scan last Tuesday - and though everything appeared to be normal I still have that worry that something could be wrong.  I haven't heard from the midwife yet - so I am going on the theory that no news is good news.  I have suspicions that this feeling of worry for baby probably never goes away.

currently craving

Besides oranges? Cool Whip - with fruit obviously.  And Chinese Food.  Not authentic Chinese food - but the like sweet and sour chicken balls.  Egg rolls.  There was a decent place around here - but it's been closed for renovations since before I got pregnant.  I am hesitant to try another place.  So I might have to make Steve take me to the Mandarin this afternoon to kick this.  Actually that sounds like a fabulous idea.

currently missing

I promise I won't get into my laundry list of things I miss since becoming pregnant. But there are a lot of things I miss.  Like my regular clothes.  My wardrobe is pretty lame these days.  Maternity clothes are crazy expensive - and seriously the selection isn't that great.  And let's be honest - all I really want to wear are my sweat pants.  Sadly that doesn't fly in an office setting.  I desperately need another shopping trip.

I'm also missing beer.   I miss coming home from work and relaxing on the couch with a beer.  Or even going out with friends for a few drinks.   I'll be packing one in my hospital bag for sure. 

And one last thing - I miss having a normal appetite.  I am so picky now.  I'll start cooking something and then realize halfway through that I don't want to eat it.  Food aversions are the worst.  Much worse than cravings.  One day I love something - the next day I hate it.  It makes grocery shopping incredibly difficult.  At least I can rely on my constant desire for oranges.  It's so baffling.  Can you overdose on natural vitamin C?  I've eaten enough oranges that it's caused me to throw up.  I'm like a junkie.

currently worrying

About everything! I think this is a mothers job - to worry.  But really I am worried that we won't have the house ready for when the baby arrives.  I know how much of a procrastinator I am so I am worried that we won't have everything bought.  I worry enough that I dream about setting up nurseries - though this could be from the amount of searching I do Pinterest.   Seriously - I worry about everything.  Google and I are as thick as thieves. We were before - but I think I've taken the relationship to the next level.  I've searched the most ridiculous things.  My search history is probably embarrassing. 

And that's that.  Thankfully my nausea started to fade somewhere between week 16 to 17 so I've started to finally feel human again.  I still get bouts of it here and there - mostly when I wake up and when I get too hungry.  I've learned to eat constantly.  I've got a bit more energy - and am no longer narcoleptic.  I've started to feel B-Ho move almost daily - my placenta is at the front - so I don't feel a lot of 'kicks' but I do feel a lot of big movements.   It's exciting - but let's get real it's baffling that there is a human growing and living and moving inside me.  

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  1. I was seriously indulging in oranges too! I thought my skin might actually start to change color! Now {at 21 weeks} I've balanced it out a bit, but it was seriously half of my diet for a while!

  2. you look mini girl!! It must be normal then, because me and a lot of my pregnant friends can't get enough of citrus fruit. I had an entire bag of lil cuties in one sitting. I love hearing about your pregnancy, keep posting!

  3. I was obsessed with orange juice for each of my pregnancies. I thinnk our bodies just know what they need to grow a human.

    Have you tried Cara Cara oranges? I eat at least one a day and Im not even preggo!! YUM!

    Eep....Im excited. Have I told you how excited I am? Because I am excited. Alot excited.


  4. Mandarin is the best.idea.ever!! I used to go to the one in Hamilton when I was at U of Guelph and I loved it!! Such variety!! Loving the B-Ho updates!! Can't wait for more!

  5. Idk how those 60% predictions go... Within two seconds of looking at the baby, our doc knew it was a girl. Granted, she was showing her hoo-ha to the whole world (let's hope she's a little more modest out of the womb), but still. And... I was about 20 weeks when we went, so that may have made a difference. But I understand your hesitance to buy anything for a girl at this point!!

    And maternity clothes = so stupid expensive. I'm not a fan. The leggings are sooo worth it, though.

  6. A coworker thought they were having a girl...and then it came out, and it was a boy! The doctor said that rarely happens. They had to sell/give away all their girl stuff and switch to boy! It's a fun story but not necessarily something you want to happen to you. Based on that story, I don't think 60% is great odds :)

  7. Dude! I have an anterior placenta too! (Or Baby Mather has it... I'm still not really sure who gets to claim ownership over it.) I didn't feel definite movement for what seemed like the longest time. So funny that you're craving oranges. I think that mostly all I want is Mexican food and mall pretzels. Your cravings are definitely healthier.

  8. Congratulations!!! I've been reading some pregnancy books since I'm "advanced age" (36,yo!) + looking into basal body temp, dong quai + I even heard taking Robitussin helps too! It's so crazy! Did you do anything to help your chances?

  9. Great bumps pics - like you I got so bored of maternity clothes.

    I would absolutely love for you to link up at the Friday Baby Shower a linky party for all things pregnancy and new baby, Alice @ Mums Make Lists


  10. Sweatpants, beer and fruit.

    All of the above.




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