Look at Me Grow!

Oh hey!  Remember me?  I hope so.  I've been MIA for about 6 weeks.  As you can see my belly is growing - and with that comes a laundry list of tasks to complete.  At the rate that my pregnancy is flying by - I kind of wish that you were pregnant for 50 weeks.  I really could use the extra 10 weeks.  However the thought of possibly birthing a 20 pound infant doesn't sound like something I want to experience.  But really - between getting the house ready for a baby - which has proven to be the largest task EVER and getting things settled at work - which also doesn't seem to be working in my favour since I seem to be taking on new projects and not really getting anywhere - my blog life has become non-existent.  I don't know how people do this.  Blog.  Work. Clean the house. Be a mom. Have a social life.  I have no idea what I am in for - do I?

I've had a few panic moments in the last few weeks.  A few weepy moments.  A few moments of excitement.  And a few moments of mourning.  Mourning the fact that my life is (and already has) about to drastically change.  Mourning all the moments I have to myself.  All the moments I only need to think about myself.  I am mourning my selfishness.  But I am ready - kind of - for the change.  Thank goodness for Steve!!

But other than that - this is what else has been going on here

currently watching

A few weeks ago Steve and I blasted through five seasons of Sons of Anarchy.  Have you watched it?  It's pretty much - amazing.  Bikers. Old ladies. Guns. and hot men.

Am I right?  I am right.  But now - I am currently waiting until sometime in June for season 6 to start.  Along with Breaking Bad.

So what am I currently watching?  Besides my the scale grow and wonder how I will ever work of these extra pounds?  I have been watching this - over and over again.

you too?

Currently Craving

Summer! And summer clothes. Not that any of mine fit me. But seriously - I am sick of pants. And cardigans. And hats. Scarves. And winter jackets. I am ready to show off this baby belly in some cuter clothes.  Plus I am pretty close to pushing it with my wardrobe.  I refuse to buy anymore maternity clothes.  However I think this is a battle I am going to lose.  This bump is growing exponentially.  It's ridiculous.

I am also still craving oranges - even though they give me the most insane heartburn.  I eat one or two before bed - and then another two as soon as I wake up.  I stash them in my purse.  I can't get enough.  Even writing about them is making me want one.  Like real bad.  For realz.

currently looking

For a crib.  We just can't decide on one.  We are going to go out browsing again this weekend.  Hopefully we'll find something.  But really I am so picky and cribs are just too grand looking.  I want something clean and simple.  Why is that so difficult to find?  And every crib I like is way out of our price range.  And seriously - will I even use a crib?  I mean - let's get real I am going to be that mom that will want to sleep close to the baby.  I'm probably better off investing in a king sized bed.

currently loving

All the movement I am feeling lately.  I was starting to get worried because I wasn't feeling B-Ho as much as I wanted - turns out I have an anterior placenta.  That seems to be large and in charge.  So any movement I was feeling was down low. As little B-Ho gets bigger and stronger - I've started to feel the movements a bit more all over.  However B-Ho seems to enjoy either jabbing my bladder or my cervix.  I suppose these are the stabbing vagina pains that people warned me about.  Wait - you didn't want to read about my vagina?  I'm sorry.

Currently Planning

TO HAVE A MOTHER EFFIN' BABY!!!  Sometimes I forget that I am pregnant and then I remember and a panic sets in.  Because I realize that even though I am not terrible at planning - I hate it.  I am a notorious procrastinator.  I like to go with the flow.  Unfortunately when there is a human growing in your belly - there is no time to procrastinate because like it or not this baby is going to come.  Whenever it chooses.  OMG - Baby you better choose to come when I am ready.  PLEASE!!!

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  1. You make an awesomely cute pregnant lady, E-Ho. I love watching your pregger adventures on Instagram! And don't worry... all of my friends tell me the first few months of having a newborn are much easier than being pregnant. Here's hoping, right?

  2. your bump looks adorable! i was laughing at the oranges, stashing them in your purse sounds like a serious addiction! ;)

  3. Your tummy looks so cute! Pregnancy looks good on you. I love that your plan is to have a mother effin' baby. Hahaha!

  4. main I wish I documented my bump growing...so cute!!


  5. I was just wondering about you last night! I am about 16.5 weeks pregnant and I have been craving fruit like it's going out of style! Oranges have definitely been my thing too. And about freaking out about the baby, I definitely am too!

  6. I totally wish that we would have invested in a king size bed instead of a crib (that Kale never slept in). Then again, I'm sure if we had done that, we would have ended up with a kid that hated to bedshare and wanted to sleep in a crib.

  7. Woot, look at that bump grow! :)

  8. Oh gosh, girl - you're making me even more nervous to have a baby!! I think I would be reacting the same way as you... wanting to procrastinate but freaking out because I can't! I'm still excited for you though - you're gonna be the best momma evaaaa.... p.s. check out Vikings on History Channel. Freaking Travis Fimmel... damn.

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  10. Hi there,

    I have a quick question about "Hope Squared!" Please email me when you have a chance...thank you!

  11. Cute belly pics! But I have bad news for you...Sons of Anarchy is a September start show :(

  12. I feel ya! On every ounce of this post! Although, we did finally decide on the crib we want...I'm way too indecisive to have a child ;)




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