Another Currently Post

Check me out - two posts in one week - go E-Ho!  I really want to get back to blogging - but I am going to wait a little to officially declare the hiatus over.  It's definitely a lot harder to pump out a post with a baby.  It's usually written in a few sessions - oh the things you take for granted. I've been thinking about how to incorporate a baby into this blog since I started Hope Squared as a place to document our life as a married couple - I wonder if Hope Squared can include a baby?  Do we now need to be Hope to the Power of Three?  It just doesn't flow as well.  So Hope Squared we will remain.  Hope Squared + One.

So to get back into some sort of blogging normalcy and since I haven't written a currently post in awhile (if you want to join - you can link up here) why not let you know what I've been up to - I mean that's why you're all here, right?  My oh so dedicated Hope Squared readers. Let's do this.

Currently I am Feeling

Normal. Well - a new version of normal. The newness of having a baby has worn off - and I have started to settle into the fact that I am now someones (other than the cat's) mother.  I am less afraid to go out of the house, alone.  Those first few weeks were so, so hard - I remember thinking that I would never feel normal again.  It's come as such a relief to finally come out from that dark cloud.  Seriously man - postpartum hormones are intense.  I am looking forward to feeling even more comfortable with my new role and start to really enjoy it. Because seriously someone needs to snuggle and love this sweet little lady - even her cry face is adorable. 

Currently I am Missing

Umm...what am I not missing? More than 4 hours of consecutive sleep.  My body being my own. A shirt that isn't milk soaked.  A cleanish home.  Beer.  Yup I still haven't had one yet - but plan on it soon.  But I can't complain because Eila makes missing all these things worth it because before I know it my tiny little baby is going to grow up. She's already getting so big. 

Currently I am running

On two to three hour shifts. It's crazy how fast a day goes by when it's broken up in segments like this. Basically I nurse, play with Eila, settle her for a nap, nap myself/eat. Rinse and repeat.  It just feels like the longest day ever.  Somehow I need to fit in taking a shower, doing laundry, and cleaning the house in there - until then Eila doesn't seem to mind that I am wearing the same shirt that was soaked in milk from two days ago.  That is when I even sport a shirt. Did I even respond to this theme right?

Currently I am visiting

Friends and family. Well we are at least trying to.  The first few weeks we tried to keep visitors to a minimum while we (I) figured things out and got to know Eila a little better.  Also I was a crying mess so I wasn't really great company.  Now that I am feeling more confident and 'normal' we have been getting out of the house a bit more and introducing Eila to the world.  Because seriously - don't you want to meet her?

Currently I am Cooking

Nothing!  Nothing but ideas on what to cook.  I have been scouring pinterest lately for some inspiration for fall cooking. And just cooking in general.  And truth be told I am excited to start cooking again. Now that I am a temporary stay at home mom until next June - I want to take this opportunity to expand on my culinary repertoire.  I am a mom now - I probably should work on getting a healthy meal on the table a few nights a week. Oh and that means we should probably start eating at the table?!  So send me your favoutite fall recipes and inspire this lazy lady to get off the sofa away from endless hours of TLC and get in the kitchen and start cooking.

That's that!  What have you been up to?


  1. She's gorgeous - congratulations. My children are 18 and 12 now, but I remember those first few weeks with each of them SO WELL. An amazing time, but good to come out of the other side.

  2. Love that you're blogging again. I'm trying to get back into it as well and I had to write my post in shifts today too! Also, samesies on the 2 -3 hours shifts! And cooking? I'm no help. Last week I lived off of hot dogs and Trader Joe's breakfast bars. Eila is so adorable.

  3. I may have squealed out loud when I saw that you linked up! I miss your posts so much. I'm happy to see your back to blogging and look forward to the official end of your hiatus (and am kind of hoping it coincides with your back to drinking).

    I'm glad you're feeling the dark cloud lift. The first few months were really hard for me too, so I can relate to what it's been like. There will be more cloudy days ahead, but plenty of sunny ones too.

  4. She is such a honey! I'm glad you are getting a routine down. The first few months are tricky tricky tricky.

  5. She is so adorable, and has such gorgeous eyes! Life is so different when you have your first. Gosh I remember I took so long to find myself again. Thankfully feeling normal came a lot quicker the next two times around. Don't worry about the laundry, wearing the same shirt day in day out or cooking, those things will keep. Little tiny babies won't. Sounds like you are doing a wonderful job with your sweet girl.


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