Eila is Two Months Old

How the past two months have come and gone is beyond me - I remember those first weeks and wishing that they would be over.  Wishing Eila would be more animated, more interactive.  Now I regret ever wishing away a minute of that time. I already miss that tiny little newborn with her jerky uncoordinated movements, tiny little hands and sleepy little face.  Sigh!  I am sure to be a sobbing mess each month she ages. Eila is now two months old.  Here is how she is growing.

Two Months


Weight: Only 11 pounds 1 oz landing her in the 50th percentile - after asking the Dr. several times if we should be concerned that she isn't packing on the pounds (she's only gained 2lbs since being discharged from the hospital) - she said no!!! but we will keep an eye on it to make sure that she does continue to gain weight. 
Height: Lady is going to be a basketball player - long and lean.  Eila is now 61cm long (roughly 24 inches) placing her in the 97th percentile for height. 
Head: Now a cm larger - her head is measuring 40 cm (80th percentile).
Clothing: When Eila turned 8 weeks I stubbornly decided that she no longer was going to fit into her newborn sized clothes (no matter how many time I tried to stuff her into them - they were just too skin tight).  Eila is now officially wearing size 0-3 months even though most things are so wide on her - as I mentioned she is still a long and lean little thing. I have now resorted to hoping things shrink a little in the wash.

Eating & Sleeping

Eating: I suppose I am due to write a 'Our Breastfeeding Journey' post - and I will because I have a lot to say about it - but I am so, so pleased that Eila and I successfully made it two months exclusively breastfeeding.  It's been no easy feat - and each day we successfully nurse is worthy of a celebration of some sort!  An excuse to eat ice cream! A fist bump! Trust me - I'll be teaching Eila how to fist bump in order to celebrate properly.  We are now officially nursing on demand (but I won't let her go any longer than four hours during the day and six hours at night - due to me being a nervous nelly and thinking she'll starve - though the Dr. said I don't need to be doing this) which still works out to about 8-10 feeds per day.  Eila has however become a more efficient eater.  The first month she would nurse for 30-40 minutes (mostly comfort sucking at the end) but now she can finish within 10 minutes - but hangs out a bit for 20-30 minutes. 
Sleeping: Eila is still a fairly decent night sleeper (her longest stretch of sleep is 6 hours) - but she's a terrible napper, averaging about 20 minutes.  During the day she won't sleep unless she is on me.  This works when I want to take a nap too - but usually I use that time to get somethings done around the house or just have a second to breathe.  However the week after her six week growth spurt - Eila slept like a champion for three days.  She literally ate, played and slept - mostly slept.  It was amazing.  I wish it lasted longer.

Routine & Milestones

Routine: During the day, currently anything goes.  Truthfully same goes for the night.  However, we have half-heartedly started to introduce a nighttime routine.  Around 8 p.m. we get ready for bed, nurse, read a book (currently we are reading her Charlotte's Web) and then rock to sleep.  I say half heartedly because this routine lasted only a week.  We are so bad with routine around here. But we'll try again. 

Milestones:  Eila has been meeting all her milestones as expected.  Here are a few of the exciting things this little genius can do.
  • Smiling: We were flashed a few smiles during her first month - mostly in her sleep.  But around 5 weeks Eila started showing off her gorgeous gummy smile.  She smiles the most first thing in the morning when she first wakes up, after her first feed and when Steve gets home.  Seriously her smile could melt the cruelest of hearts - and I am not just saying that because I am her mom. 

  • Discovery Of The Hands:  Eila has always been a thumb-sucker - or at least after birth she desperately tried to be.  She just wasn't coordinated enough to get her little thumb in her mouth.  Around 7 weeks - Eila started to really look at her hands with such interest.  You could tell that she was trying to figure them out - and she had a much easier time getting her hand to her mouth. What's cuter than a baby sucking their thumb?  That's right, nothing!!
  • Neck Control:  I swear she's been lifting her head up when on her stomach from birth.  She has never been a fragile baby.  This month, Eila can hold her head up for nearly a minute (sometimes longer) and look around - it's still not fluid but you can tell that she's getting stronger.

Social & Outings

Social: Eila has been such a great baby to take out and show off. For one she does awesome in the car and second - she isn't terribly shy - she'll even flash you a smile if you're lucky.  She has her moments, but usually this is due to over stimulation from too many people and getting passed around (can you blame her?) she seems to do better in smaller social settings - where she can see mom and/or dad.

Outings: We managed to get out and about quite a bit this month - which has been great for Eila and I since the first few weeks were a struggle emotionally and we didn't venture out of our nest too often.  Here are a few special outings we made.
  • Park Dates:  We discovered the awesomeness of parks this month.  We had Korean Picnics. We introduced Eila to our friends Randalin, Kris and Kale and discovered a really great park for when Eila is a little older.  We even just went to the park to hang out.  I have a feeling that parks and park dates will be a staple in our lives from now on.  I'm alright with this.
  • Meeting Mom's Family: My family lives about 2 hours north from us, so we rarely get a chance to visit.  However, my mom does an annual family corn roast so we took this opportunity to introduce them to Eila.  Of course everyone fell in love with her. 

Favourite Things

Baby Gear/Toys: When Eila started showing an interest in the birds hanging from her Snugabunny Bouncer  we made a trip to target to pick up the Skip Hop Alphabet Zoo Activity Gym.  So far it has been well worth the investment because Eila really enjoys it (in small, short doses, much like everything) and so do I.  I love the coulour scheme and toys.  They aren't too obnoxious - I can't stand obnoxious baby toys. We usually 'go to the gym' first thing in the morning and she can usually occupy herself for a good 20 minutes gossiping with her bestie the Zebra and Monkey Friend.  I am sure she complains about all the stuff mom does (and doesn't do). Get used to it kid!

Activities: We have been trying to get some solid tummy time in each day.  Eila isn't a huge fan of being on her stomach on the floor (it seems like this is the norm for most babies) and she'll usually start yelling within 30 seconds for you to pick her up or flip her over.  However, she is alright with it if she is lying on you or is held up over your shoulder like you were going to burp her. It's amazing how she looks around and observes everything. 

Mom Bed:  I am not going to lie - but Eila has been a total Mamma's girl this month.  Nothing beats the Mom Bed.  For a majority of the month whenever Eila slept - she slept on me - otherwise we would both just end up tired and cranky for the majority of the day.  Hopefully it's a preference she'll change since I'm not sure I can rock her to sleep until she's fifty. Especially since she's growing like a weed.

Favourite Pictures From The Month

I totally slacked taking pictures with our real camera (I am so not a real mom) - I need to do better next month. Here are some of my favourite phone pics - because I am not lacking on photos posted to my instagram feed.


  1. I loved reading every word of this! She is so awesome and you're doing such a great job :)

    I'm pretty sure the percentile thing was invented to fuck with mom's. Kale was in the 90th percentile for everything for the first year and then plummeted hard into little squirt territory. I initially freaked out about this, but then realized he eats like a grown man. I'm pretty sure as long as you're a something-percentile, you're good.

    Kale was a pretty terrible napper too and despite all my best efforts, it never really got better until he was closer to two (I know). I honestly hope things improve with Eila because I know how hard it is not getting more than a 20 minute break.

    Congrats on the breastfeeding. It can be tough work, but one day it clicks you forget all the struggles.

  2. She is gorgeous! 50th percentile is great! That's like right smack dab average, right? Jack is in the 48th at 12 pounds 8.6 ounces (I guess boys are supposed to weigh more?) He's long and lean too so we run into the same problem with baggy clothes. I've found Carters and all their sub brands (the ones made for Target and Walmart) fit him best because they run narrower. Jack is also most smiley after his morning feed and when Tim gets home! It's crazy how different, but how similar babies can be.

    I love her smiles.

    Oh, and I felt the same way about the early days. I felt like I couldn't connect with him as much because he didn't do anything. It's currently been 6 + hours since his last nap and now I'm like ugghhhh remember when I had to wake you to eat?!

  3. I loved this. Reading your updates always make me think, well she makes being a mom thing seem okay.

  4. Good grief she's adorable! I LOVE these updates. What a great tiny person. :)


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