Eila Is Four Months Old

Four months!  For four months I have been learning how to be a mom.  I have watched my tiny helpless baby grow, develop and turn into an actual human being with a budding personality and a load or determination.  We've come a long way in such a short time - but I still wish I knew a way to slow down time so I could take in every moment.  I've been trying to take time to embrace those long afternoon naps and snuggles on the couch - so I can one day look back and remember them because I know they will be over in a blink of an eye.  But for now - I will enjoy the fact that Eila is four months old.

Four Months


Weight/Height/Head: Eila hasn't been to her four month check up yet - but we expecting a large jump in growth, because lets face it she is HUGE!  We are guessing that she is probably around 15 pounds (maybe even heavier) and maybe even a few inches taller.

Clothes: It's amazing how fast a tiny human can grow.  We started the month out in 0-3 months but closed it by transitioning to 3-6 months.  I haven't packed anything away yet because I am not ready.  I am sure it will be a sob fest.  And like her clothing we also transitioned from size 1 diapers to size 2.

Eating & Sleeping

Eating: Eila is still exclusively breastfeeding - a feat Steve and I are so proud of.  I can't believe I am about to type these words, but breastfeeding is so EASY now.  Had you asked me 10 weeks ago that I would be uttering these words I would have probably punched you in the face - but IT DID GET EASIER.  And best of all it's my best mom arsenal.  A cranky baby will hardly ever refuse a nice warm, milk filled boobie. We nurse a lot these days - mostly because Eila is so curious about her world that she snacks throughout the day - this means that she is up more at night looking for some eats.  I have been trying to fit in as many snack sessions throughout the day to counteract this - but she isn't falling for it.

Eila has also started to show some interest in when we're eating and watches us pretty intently.  She is definitely not ready to start solids yet - but I am excited that she is starting to show some interest signs.  We've decided to skip cereals and purees and go right into Baby-Led Weaning when Eila is ready.  I've been reading a lot about it - and I think it's the right step in Eila's eating journey for us.

Sleeping: Eila was, almost, sleeping through the night but at about 3.5 months she started waking more often and has been ever since.  She is up about two to three times a nights.  I am chalking this up to the 3 month and 4 month growth spurts.  Lady is so busy learning and observing throughout the day that there is no time to eat (Eila I can understand that girl!).  I've read some conflicting views on this period and how to deal with it - but I strongly feel she is just too busy to eat a lot during the day.  Plus we've mastered the side-laying nursing position - so those middle of the night interruptions aren't really that bothersome.  It's the 5 a.m. wake up calls that KILL ME!  Kid is an early bird.  How that's possible with two night owl parents, I am not sure?

As for napping - she naps about 3 times a day.  She has a good long nap in the morning and then another one in the afternoon and then a little cat nap. I'll admit that napping still occurs on me.  But I don't mind because I could always use a nap too.  We still need to give her a little assistance to get to sleep whether it's some swaying in our arms or bouncing on the exercise ball.  And thankfully she will, without fail, fall asleep when being worn.  It's another asset in my mom arsenal.  Plus it works for dad too. 

Routine & Milestones

Routine: We're starting to get into a good morning pattern of waking up and starting our day. Honestly Eila wakes up so happy.  And she is so patient.  I can hear her babbling and as soon as I say "Good Morning Eila!" she flashes me her biggest smile.  It's the best way to wake up and honestly makes 5/6 a.m. not that bad.  Our usual morning routine goes a little something like this; nurse, play/sing songs in bed for a bit, wake up daddy for some morning snuggles, get up and watch some cartoons, play with some toys, nurse, and settle for a morning nap.  This all happens in a 2-3 hour period so our first morning nap occurs anywhere from 7 a.m. to 9 a.m.

As for nighttime - Eila has established a pretty consistent bedtime between 7:30/8:00 p.m.  So anytime before that we'll change her into her PJ's and give her vitamin D drop. We are pretty weak on a solid nighttime routine though - but Steve usually will rock/snuggle her to sleep.  It's their special time.  And he does such a better job at helping her unwind from the day.

  • Rolling Over: Last month Eila was just starting to roll from tummy-to-back.  Can I say that in just one month this lady scrapped that idea when she realized that being on her back wasn't getting her anywhere.  In a matter of a few days she mastered rolling from back-to-tummy.  Luckily I was able to catch those early rolls on my phone.

  • Reaching out and Gathering In: Eila's hand coordination has improved so much in just a month.  Now if you hold anything in front of her she reaches out and tries to grab it (she usually misses) but if she managed to get it she will immediately pull it to her mouth.  Everything must be tasted before playing commences.  Also can I mention she's got a killer grasp.  Lady is strong! 
  • Gazing: Eila is an observer.  She is a people watcher.  She focuses in on something and watches it.  She tracks it.  It's amazing. If you're lucky she'll lock eyes with you and just stare - and will usually break out in the most beautiful smile you've ever seen.  

    Social & Outings

    Social: Eila has started showing some social anxiety this month.  Actually I think she might be a little shy.  I noticed this earlier in the month when Eila caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror.  She stared for awhile, flashed a big smile and then hid her face in my shoulder.  Umm..cutest thing ever right?  But then I noticed she was doing this all the time and then with strangers, friends and family.  Poor girl! I think she is a sociable baby - but is definitely slow to warm to people.  

    • Play and Explore Class:  Eila and I started our first mom and baby class.  I mostly joined to give us an excuse to get out of the house, but Eila seems to really enjoy it.  As I mentioned she is a big people watcher so she spends most of the class observing the other moms and babies rather than playing.  However whenever we get to sing - she is so engaged.  For this reason I have signed us up for another class at the end of November that incorporate some signing with baby sign language.  To be honest I am pretty excited about it. 
    • 100th day Celebration:  We celebrated Eila's 100th day with a trip to a local apple orchard for some apple picking and eating cake.  We are already looking forward to celebrating her 1/2 birthday in December.
    • First Thanksgiving: Sadly Eila didn't get to enjoy the meal - but she celebrated by wearing a cute outfit.

    Favourite Things

    Baby Gear/Toys: I am trying my hardest to hold out on buying Eila a boat load of toys a) for lack of space b) lack of dolla' bills yo and c) because babies really only need a few toys circulated.  Steve and I have talked a lot about it - and we agree that we will try our hardest to not let her toy collection get out of control.  That any toy we buy her will be somewhat educational.  That said - we did buy her an ExerSaucer for her 100th day. And it's huge.

    After a bit of research we decided to buy the Evenflo Jump and Learn ExerSaucer Jam Session. I like the muted colours.  And I like that it introduced some music without being overly obnoxious.  It has guitar riffs and drum beats.  It even plays Rockin' Robin.  I think I like it just as much as Eila.  It's fascinating watching her try to figure all the stations out. She started out only managing a few minutes at a time in it - now she'll play for 15 minutes before she's tired herself out.  It's the perfect and no wonder it's dubbed the circle of neglect.  

    Favourite Book: I try to read to Eila everyday and am trying to slowly build up her library.  This month I picked up a copy of Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See?  and Eila loves it.  I never get the reaction I do when I read any other book.

    Activities: I am just starting to figure out what Eila likes and thankfully she is becoming more expressive in letting us know.  Eila Likes:
    • Rolling over and trying to crawl (she might dislike this equally as much)
    • Morning playtime in bed
    • Grabbing and feeling your face:  I am not sure if this because I tickle her face sometimes when trying to get her to sleep - but she is anything but gentle
    • Playing with dad
    • Singing: I only have a few songs that I know the words to and they get belted out a few hundred times a day. Eila's favourites are; The Itsy Bitsy Spider, Charlie Chaplin Went to France, Hush Little Baby (this one is reserved for sleeping) and the theme song to New Girl (my go to shower song) 
    • Watching TV:  She totally zones out when it's on.  I really should start limiting the amount of time that it's on during the day
    • Diaper Changes: Weird right?  But to Eila her change pad is a party time mat.  I think it's because she knows we will play with her and sing her a song

    Favourite Pictures from the month


    1. I can't believe she is four months already. Where did the time go, feels like yesterday you just had her.

      Also I love that you sing the New Girl theme song to her. I always get that caught in my head too.

    2. She's so awesome!! I love the pic of her reading Brown Bear. Clearly a genius. And FYI - I still sob when I put Kale's clothes in boxes.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. She is so adorable! And that picture of her in the sling & your hubs? Beyond precious!


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