Eila is Five Months Old

Last month Eila turned five months old (and I forgot to post this post)!  For some reason this one was tough for me.  Maybe because I know the half-year milestone is literally only days away.  Maybe because I know the next month is going to fly by like November/December does as everyone rushes around to get prepared for Christmas.  Steve and I have already started Christmas shopping.  He's got some time off right before Christmas and we are hoping that we don't have to spend the majority of it in the mall.  Undoubtedly - we will! However since I have developed an online shopping addiction - I am hoping it will help us out a little.

Anyways - Eila has changed so much in the last month!  It's so crazy to think about how much a month impacts a baby.  It's a good thing that growing and developing slows down for us - because for a baby it's rapid pace.  No wonder they are so emotional.  I would be too.  I know what it's like to be a teenage girl.  On that note - here's a look at my almost teen aged daughter.

Five Months

Weight/Height/Head: We last had Eila weighed and measured on October 31st - when we got her 4 month vaccinations.  At that point she was weighed in at 15lb 14oz (about the 85th percentile).  In just a month this girl gained close to three pounds.  Three pounds is pretty serious when you're a baby - needless to say she totally filled out this month - and it's so awesome.  As for height - she grew a total of 5cm (roughly 2 inches) and is now 66cm (26 inches) (about the 97th percentile).  Lady is big. And healthy.  And strong.

Clothes:  I read in a book (or most probably on the Internet) that there is a growth spurt at both 3 months and 4 months.  Well I totally believe that there is one at the 4 month mark.  We started out the month in 3-6 month clothing - and I think we're going to have to start buying 6-12 months from now on.  They look so huge to me.  I am too sad to put away her clothes - sometimes I still squeeze her into my favourite outfits.  You do this too right?  And diapers - we are still in size 2 - but most likely will be in size 3 before she hits 6 months.  There have been a lot of blowouts lately.

Eating and Sleeping

Eating: We are still exclusively breastfeeding - and it totally feels like an old hat.  Except now - Eila snacks all day and totally pigs out at night.  Seriously it's like an all you can eat buffet.  Thankfully we've mastered the side laying position and I rarely wake up when she needs to eat. She still eats anywhere between 6-9 times a day and then who knows how many times during the night.

This month I gave Eila some apple in a silicone teether to help soothe her gums.  She totally went wild for it.  We are gearing up to start introducing solids next month - just as soon as she is ready.  Lately she has expressed an interest in when we eat.  She watches.  She reaches.  She goes crazy when she can't get at our food.  We are just waiting for her to be able to sit up a little better.   I am sad that it's time for her to learn about the world of food because it just all seems too soon - but then again I am totally excited to watch her learn how to eat.  Discover what she likes and what she doesn't.

Sleeping: Nothing has really changed here.  We've now embraced a full time bed share arrangement - since it's the only way any of us will get any sleep.  Since Eila does the majority of her nursing throughout the night - it just makes sense.  I am not too worried about transitioning her anytime soon - I think we will know when the time is right.  Until then - I will enjoy all the early morning snuggles and waking up to the best smile ever. (I'm lazy and am just going to embed an Instagram pic - at this point it's pretty apparent I am a slacker of a blogger)

Routine & Milestones

Routine: We are still rocking our morning routine - we get out of bed around 7:30 a.m. and our day starts from there.  Eila has been a little more demanding lately of my attention - so we alternate play activities.  We read.  We sing songs.  We play peek-a-boo.  We talk to the cat.  We talk about what we are going to do.  We clean (rarely).  Nothing really crazy going on up in here - not at all.

  • Laughing:  Eila finally started really laughing.  We were lucky before to get a few ha ha's - but now she full on giggles if she finds something amusing enough.  I'll be truthful - Steve can usually coax a good belly laugh out of her she just doesn't give it up for me that easily. 
  • Hand Control:  Eila has amazing aim - probably due to the amount of time she spent at the gym trying to attack the Zebra and/or the Monkey.  She rarely misses when grasping for objects.  And she's just started to pick up a toy and then transfer it to the other hand and then of course straight.in.the.mouth.
  • Sitting up (kinda): We started practising sitting about half through the month.  At first Eila would sit for approximately 5 seconds and topple over - so we put the nursing pillow behind her to break her fall.  After a few weeks practice she is so much better - but still a bit wobbly.   
  • First Cold:  Right before Halloween Eila started sniffling and coughing and for the next three days she barely slept at night.  It was hard on both of us - because I unfortunately caught it as well but mostly because Eila was so congested (especially at night) that every time she'd cough she'd throw up a ton of phlegm.  I felt so terrible for her.  I was glad that it was so short lived.

Social & Outings

Social:  Eila is officially shy!  Or at least slow to warm.  She is a social baby - but she likes to get comfortable first.  She is totally like her mama!! She's babbles a lot more - but mostly in the mornings.  Actually she has full on conversations in the morning - she often wakes me up with all the chatting she is doing.  I figure she is planning out what we will do for the day - too bad I can't speak baby!  Oh and she has totally figured out how to get our attention.  She let's out these protesting sounds that are so loud.  I am sure if she could put the words together, she'd say 'Hey man, I've been sitting here telling you to pick me up and you've totally ignored me'.

  • First Halloween: Halloween fell on Eila's last day of her Play and Explore class - so all the babies in the class had a dress up party.  Seriously nothing is cuter than babies in costume.  I wish Halloween was every month.  For Eila's first Halloween, Steve picked up an adorable strawberry costume.  I think she was the cutest little berry in the patch.  

  • First Sleepover:  Our friend Brandon was visiting from London, England and we were spontaneous and spent the night at his mom's place.  I think the morning blew Eila's mind.  She didn't stop talking about it for weeks.
  • Visit to the Canadian Ripley's Aquarium:  She was into it - until she fell asleep!  I think her Grandma Hope had the most fun that day. 

Favourite Things

Baby Gear/Toys: With Christmas approaching in December - I have been withholding all my toy purchases so I can wrap them up and stick them under the tree.  Let me tell you this is extremely hard since she is rapidly growing out of her toys.  You can only circulate them for so long.  However with the toys she does have out - her preference is a board book.  I like to think this is because she's a budding learner and wants to read all the books - but in reality I think board books must feel great on teething gums. Some of our favourite baby (board) book reads (and eats) are; Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See?, Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear?, Oh Baby The Places You'll Go (we've been reading this one to her since we got it for Christmas last year). 

Activities Eila Likes:
  • Trying to touch the cat.  This is on Basil's like of dislikes I am sure - because when Eila can get a grip she's anything but gentle.  I am fearful for the crawling days ahead. But seriously Eila lights up whenever the cat enters the room.  She smiles at him. She yells at him.  He - just walks away.  Smart cat.
  • Pulling hair.  Mom's hair. Dad's hair. Dad's chest hair.  If you've got hair - Eila wants to pull it.  Ponytails are a must.
  • Singing songs. Or at least listening to someone sing a song - or music.  Anytime a song comes on the TV or someone is singing - Eila stops what she is doing to listen.  The theme song to It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia and Thomas always seem to get her attention the most.  And if mama is singing - it's the ITSY BITSY SPIDER!  She is obsessed with that song.  It's the only way I can grab her attention for 30 seconds to change her diaper without an aerobic session. 
  • Going out.  Eila loves cruising around in her Beco.  She is a total people watcher.  Sadly with the cold weather approaching we don't get out too much during the week.  Thankfully when Dad is home on the weekends we hit the town.  Usually by Sunday evening she is totally wiped from all the excitement.

Favourite Pictures From the Past Month


  1. She sure is developing a personality isn't she- it's is totally visible in pictures! So great that you share this with us- I can look back in a few months and check out what you did when we get to a particular cross-road! Enjoy your first christmas together!!

  2. Ok - I was missing you guys BEFORE I read this post. Now I just want to hop in the car and track down this beautiful chunky baby. Seriously - she is freaking adorable. I just want to nom on those cheeks! It sounds like you guys have hit your groove and you're settling into parenthood :)

  3. My goodness but she's adorable!

    I love these posts! It's fun to see how she's doing, AND my little guy is a month, or so, behind in age, so it's super neat to see the sort of thing we can expect from him!

    Have a wonderful Baby's First Christmas!


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