So basically I post two kinds of posts - monthly updates and currently posts.  That needs to change.  But how?  How do you mama's with babies do it?  I have SO much I want to document - but when I finally get a free minute there are so many things to do like; dishes, the laundry, cleaning the floors, sleeping!!  And sometimes (most times) those things don't even get done.  Which is a good segue into.....


I am currently resolving a few things for 2014.  Last year I was pregnant so I didn't set any goals, except one, to survive birthing a baby and adjust to motherhood.  I think I met those goals - though I am still adjusting.  However, this year, I want to make a few small changes;
  • Cook more: since Steve and I are parents now it's important to us that we set a good eating example for Eila. Pizza, chicken wings, and occassianal Harvey's runs (though delicious) aren't really setting the family meal tone.  So last week I signed up for a meal planning service called The Fresh 20 recommended by an Instagram friend and so far it's been great.  It's definitely easier to cook dinner when I don't have to actually decide what to cook.  I am also hoping to cut our grocery bill down - because that shit is expensive. 
  • Blog more:  I don't want to blog like I used to - I want to simply blog to preserve our family memories. To document Eila's growth, development and milestones.  Because time slips away too fast - and suddenly you're the mom of a six month old.  I can't imagine how I'll feel when she's 5, 10, 30.  
  • Create more:  I did not sew one single thing in 2013.  I did start to crochet a blanket for Eila, but never finished it.  I am a notorious project starter and never finisher.  So this year I want to embrace my creative side.  Sew.  Craft.  Bake.  Design.  whatever it is - I need this in my life. 
We are currently anticipating Eila's first real run in with the cat.  They have been getting more acquainted now that Eila is on the go - thankfully the cat is still a bit scared and/or unsure about her.  My fear is for the day she sneaks up on him.  We are thinking about getting these put on his nails - because dude won't let us cut them.

We are currently eating our first weekly meal plan from The Fresh 20 - last night we had Hot Chicken Legs with Blue Cheese Kale Potatoes - OMG!!! So delicious.  So far two out of three recipes have been successful - two more to go. 

I am currently making plans for childcare for Eila - or at least I am thinking about making plans.  With less than 6 months until I go back to work - I really need to get on top what we are going to do with her.  I hate even thinking about it - it makes me sick. 

I am currently remembering how much I HATE WINTER!  This winter has been exceptionally ridiculous.  Thankfully I don't need to be outside - but wait - I WANT TO BE OUTSIDE.  Eila loves the outdoors.  We need to get out and cruise around the neighbourhood.  We both are going a little stir crazy.  We are looking for the weather to warm up a bit this weekend. Because -35 weather (with wind chill) is straight up crazy. 

What's been going on with you?

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    1. "I have SO much I want to document - but when I finally get a free minute there are so many things to do like; dishes, the laundry, cleaning the floors, sleeping!! And sometimes (most times) those things don't even get done."

      Good grief. That. Exactly. And also? That childcare and going back to work thing. I can't think about it. I absolutely, completely hear you on the "it makes me sick" front.


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