Tell me how much you love a messy faced baby?  It's the best.  The clean-up not so much - but the process of getting messy is awesome.  Eila can work a spoon like it's nobodies biznazz.  Which is just as well because there is no way she'd ever let me spoon anything in there.  Currently Eila is loving blueberries and apples - I have been blending different fruits with apples for breakfast (because I am too chicken to give her finger foods when I am flying solo) and the blueberries were well received. 

Speaking of currently...

Eila and I are currently OWNING naps this week.  Steve and I picked up a monitor on the weekend so I could begin to transition Eila from napping on me (or the livingroom floor) to her crib.  We are on day two - and dudes - little lady is totally napping in her crib.  These crib naps have allowed me to eat, go to the bathroom, and pump out two blog posts in a row.  So yeah - we are totally OWNING it.

I am currently WEARING PJ's - because the temperatures have been too stupid cold to go outside that there is no point to putting on real going out of the house clothes.  Eila on the other hand - she's been wearing whatever I can squeeze her into.  She's grown so much over the past little while that she's going through her clothes faster than I can buy them.  Stop growing so fast baby.

We are currently (still) THINKING about childcare for Eila in June.  It's the big fat elephant in the room.  It's inevitable that I have to return to work - if we could swing it - I'd stay home (or at least work part-time) in a heart beat.  I love my days with Eila.  I love watching her grow. learn. develop.  I don't want to miss a second of it.  I love working.  I like that sense of accomplishment. The challenges. The goodness of it all - but I also really love being a mom.  I had no idea I'd feel this way.  But - I've contacted a few places to set up tours (so I guess the ball is rolling).  I have a feeling it's going to be a VERY stressful, emotional process.  I had better stock up on beers and ice cream. Feel free to send me some.

I am currently DRINKING all the coffee and definitely not enough water.  I feel so sluggish these days.  I am not sure if it's a side effect of being trapped in my house for days on end - or if I am just actually tired (I mean chasing around a new crawler who must explore every inch of the apartment, late night nursing sessions, getting thrown up on, crack of dawn wake ups and teething babies aren't exhausting at all). So bring on the coffee.  And an extra shot of espresso please!

We are currently DANCING in BUBBLES and singing Bubbles In The Air (the song is below if you want it stuck in your head all.day.long).  Well I am dancing - Eila is bouncing.  Yeah - my days are awesome!


  1. Booking some tours is the first step - so glad you've done that. Be prepared to freak the f&*k out at some places. We went in one home-based care that sounded like the best of the best compared to the 9000 other ads, and we could not run out of there fast enough! Beer will definitely help the process (doesn't it help everything??)

  2. Ha! I could totally ship beer and ice cream and they'd arrive chilled and frozen but you'd have to face the postman in your jammies, are you willing? ps. Loretta is the same with spoons, I have to bark, "I'm not helping you! I'm not helping you!" as I line up the next bite because she's so stinking independent.

  3. Hi there! My name is Cameron and I had a quick question and was hoping you could email me when you have a chance. :) Thanks!

  4. Elsie takes her spoons and puts them in her mouth with food on them... but then just chews on the spoon like it's a toy. Ridiculous.

    Yay for Eila sleeping in her crib!! It's freeing, isn't it!?

  5. Good luck! Finding the right place will set your mind at ease and hopefully help you stop stressing.

  6. Good luck! Finding the right place will set your mind at ease and hopefully help you stop stressing.


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