Eila is Seven Months Old

I feel like I just wrote Eila's six month update!  I can't believe I am here - now telling you about my seven month old baby who, in just one wee month, has transformed into this mobile, gymnast. 

People aren't kidding when they tell you time flies and then you're kids are graduating college!  It literally feels like I just had her.  How have 7 months gone by?  I swear my pregnancy felt like an ETERNITY.  Now I have this looming feeling of going back to work hanging over me - and every day that passes is one closer to the dreaded day that we will be apart for longer than a few hours.  It's crazy how attached you can become to a little human.  Especially a little human who often DRIVES YOU INSANE! But I guess that's what mothers love is.

Back to Eila - here's where she is at at Seven Months

Seven Months

Weight/Height/Head:  We won't have Eila weighed again until her nine month check up - but we are guessing that maybe she put on a pound (if that) over the past month.  With all the moving about she has been doing - we don't imagine she's gained a lot.  In regards to her height - she has definitely grown.  She's got a lot of capri pants now.  Thank goodness for Baby Legs. 

Clothes:  Eila is still wearing 6-12 month clothing - but at the rate she is growing I am sure we are on our way into 12-18 months (and in toddler sizing for some brands).  I finally put her too small clothes away - I need to go through them once more and decide what we're keeping and then *sniff* get rid of the rest.

Eating & Sleeping

Eating:  We survived a month of introducing solids.  We weren't very diligent about it - and some days I forgot about offering her anything (especially on busy days or really grumpy days).  I discovered that I am a nervous nelly when it comes to Eila eating - but since I REALLY love the concept behind Baby Led Weaning - I have tried my hardest to be supportive and encouraging for her.  Why?  Because I can see that she loves being able to feed herself.  Even if she doesn't eat that much.  I do feed her some mushed up foods and some frozen foods in the silicone feeder (it really helps on those bad teething days) but I let her do it.  I load the spoon and she does the rest. Over the month I have noticed a huge improvement in how well she manages to get the spoon into her mouth.  She makes a mess - but that's all part of the learning process.  So far she has eaten; apples, mangos, peaches, peas, sweet potatoes, broccoli, squash, yoghurt, turkey, pork and beef stew. We did lay off on solids for a bit because of a rash she developed.  We weren't sure if it was from something she was eating.  However as I mentioned yesterday - Eila has Infant Eczema (lovely) - so we are excited this month to be more adventurous in what we introduce.  And as for me, well this mama is going to put on a brave face and bring on the pancakes!

Sleeping:  Eila was an awesome nighttime sleeper in the beginning - now I feel like she is finding her way back.  She is by no means a great sleeper - but I really can't complain.  She wakes up, eats, and falls back to sleep.  As for napping - that's a whole different story.  She likes to be held.  She needs help falling asleep.  She doesn't take long epic naps.  I am singing for joy if she naps for an hour.  I am trying to put her down about 15 minutes into her nap (this way she at least gets a tiny rest).  The hope is that she will finally start napping longer.  However babies are so weird that things could change on a dime - so scratch that.  I am just going to wing it and see how it goes.

Routine & Milestones

Routine:  Nothing has really changed in our routine - except now I am responsible for chasing around a baby and breaking up potential baby and cat fights and making sure the room is 'baby proof' before I let her loose.  It's insane what a baby gets into and what a baby can find.  I am sure she will locate every.single missing bobby pin.  At least I will save a few bucks.  Also - we've been stuck in the house (more times than I would like to count) since the weather has been stupid cold this winter.  We are looking forward to more mild temperatures so we can go out and cruise. 

  • Crawling: Or Army Crawling!  On December 26th (Boxing Day) Eila crawled for the first time (well the first time I was witness to it). Over the month she got better, and OH SO MUCH FASTER!!  She has just started to lift her belly off the floor and use her legs a little more - but mostly it's the cutest little army crawl you've ever seen.  
  • Responds to Name:  It's clear that Eila knows the sound of her name.  I can call her when she's out of sight and she'll (sometimes) come crawling towards her. It's the sweetest thing ever.  I've even thrown in her middle name - when I mean business.
I feel like this month Eila really just focused on learning and mastering crawling.  I can't think of any other major milestones - but really - crawling is huge!  It's a game changer.  We have invested in two gates to barricade the kitchen (since I haven't yet baby proofed it) I feel like it's all just too soon to be thinking about baby proofing.  *SIGH*

Social & Events

Social: Eila talks a lot, but mostly in the early morning and in the evening when Steve gets home from work.  I suppose she is telling dad about her riveting day of terrorizing the cat, eating books, dumping blocks, and exploring the living room/play area.  We haven't heard any actual words - but there is a lot of chatter going on.  She even started doing that adorable baby whispering chatter.  OMG!  Melt my heart into a giant puddle.

She is still super shy (or at least I think it's shyness).  One day I asked Steve how he would describe her behaviour when we are in new social settings and he said that she was stoic.  I think that's a pretty accurate way to define Eila.  She is so stone cold serious - that it's really hard to gauge whether she is enjoying herself, bored, scared, nervous.  But usually once we're done and back in her safe place - she'll chatter on telling us all about it.  It'll be interesting as she gets older.

  • First Christmas: I am not sure if she knew what was going on - but Eila did a pretty decent job unwrapping gifts.  And there was no shortage on gifts.  Little lady made out like a bandit.  Christmas Eve and Christmas day were pretty jam packed for us - Eila was exhausted by the end of it.  Plus she had some crawling business that she needed to tend to.  We started a new tradition of the Christmas Eve Box (thank you Pinterest).  Inside was a new toy, a few books, a Christmas movie and new PJ's. It will be fun in years to come - when she can understand and appreciate what Christmas is all about. However - this year was the year to start new family traditions (and perhaps break a few old ones).  We travelled so far on Christmas - we really need to think about how we are going to play out the day next year since Eila will most likely not be as cooperative. 
  • First New Years Eve: Eila pulled a late night and stayed up until 10 p.m.  We had a few guests over for a VERY low key evening.  It was nice to ring the New Year in with friends but most of all with Eila.  2014 is going to be such an exciting year for our family.  We are so excited to meet each milestone and stage.  But really - can't she stay like this forever?
  • Swimming Class:  We started diaper fit swim class at the start of January.  We were lucky to get in on a Saturday Class so Steve could join us.  This was Eila's first time swimming in a pool.  We think she likes it - but again she is stone cold serious throughout it.  She does kick her little legs a lot - so we suspect that she is having a bit of fun. Steve and I take turns each week going in the water with her.  I am SO EXCITED to take her camping and swimming this summer. 
  • Parachute Play Class:  On Monday's we head to our Parachute Play class - where we sing songs, shake about a parachute, and play with beach balls.  It's basically baby heaven.  It's the best class we've taken so far.  I am hoping in the spring we can find a good music class, close to home, since Eila really enjoys a good song.  

    Favourite Things

    Baby Gear/Toys: Eila has SO MANY new toys since Christmas.  It's really hard to pinpoint a favourite.  She's been so busy bouncing all over the place that she hasn't really stuck with anything in particular.  But our favourite purchases this month, in regards to gear, have got to be our Mamas and Papas Baby Snug and Tray Chair.  We have a full high chair - but it's so large that Eila is swimming in it - and she definitely won't be able to eat in it for awhile yet.  So we use the Snug Chair for eating.  It's perfect because we can move it around - to change up the ambiance.  I like this chair a lot more than the Bumbo because it can fit her chunky thighs - and the insert comes out so it has a longer lifespan.  Though I am not sure how long she'll want to sit in it for.  Also we purchased a Kushies Baby Splash Mat to go both under her chair (and then eventually her highchair).  This has saved our rugs - and our clean up time during meals.  Plus it's something we can use in the future. 
    • Chasing the Cat (STILL): Eila is OBSESSED with Basil.  She will stop whatever she is doing to get to him as soon as he gets in her sight line.  We haven't yet had an altercation - but it's on the verge of happening.  Especially as she get quicker. 
    • Playing with Mirror Baby:  She is also OBSESSED with looking at and chatting with her reflection.  She also shows Mirror Baby her sweet crawling moves - and how she can stick out her tongue.  
    • Riding in the Shopping Cart:  We've just started putting her in the shopping cart while we're out.  It's awesome.  And she loves it.  She bounces up and down and goes crazy.  But tell me - why aren't the Target shopping carts better for babies?  I usually have to MacGyver the seat with some blankets (or whatever is in our diaper bag) to prop her up.  Lame! 
    • Bath Time: Steve is in charge of bath time - so this is probably why she likes it.  I help with getting her lotioned up and dressed for bed - but I leave the cleaning and playing to dad.  We still have her sitting in her baby tub because she is so silly and throws herself back still - but I am on the look out for something a bit better.  Any suggestions? 
    • Music:  Eila loves when you sing her songs, listening to music and mostly watching her dad play guitar.  Steve said she watches his hands - back and forth.  Hopefully we have a budding musician.  

    Favourite Pictures From the Month

    I shared most of them already - but here are a few extras:


    1. She is getting so big! And cuter by the minute. I'm so, so thankful that Elsie hasn't started crawling yet. I'm really not looking forward to this whole "baby-proofing" thing. Sounds awful. ;)

    2. Oh my WOW - she is just the sweetest little girl! Such a cutie! :) I love those eyes.

      Seriously. LOVE these updates. :) It's always so fun to see where my little guy (five months) is headed - I'm pretty psyched about starting the solid foods adventure. Also? The Little Man was just diagnosed with a wee bout of eczema too - I feel your (ugly, red, itchy) pain. Poor little sprouts. I hope Eila gets passed it super quickly!

    3. We are SO CLOSE to crawling in our house, he's up on his hands & knees rocking but can't quite figure out what to do next! He scoots backward super fast, though! :) Gotta think about the baby proofing, too. Ugh...
      We have the same bathtub!
      Eila is adorable, especially those blue blue blue eyes!


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