Eila is Six Months Old

And just like that - I am the mother to a half year old baby! It's so crazy to think about.  It's even crazier to look at all the things she can do. How is it that something (someone) can literally change and grow right before your eyes?  It's truly amazing. 

And the change between five months to six months is incredible - It's like an entirely different baby. With a fiercely independent personality. 

Six Months

Weight/Height/Head:  I am going to cheat here a little, since I am late getting this update posted, we got Eila weighed on the 23rd and she weighed in a whopping 17 lbs 15 oz.  which is about a two pound weight gain over the past two months (and she's nearly doubled her birth weight).  For height she is now 27.5 inches long (70 cm) and her head is measuring about 42 cm.   The doctor said she is growing an a nice healthy curve - so both Steve and I are pretty proud about that - especially with the struggles we had in the beginning with nursing. 

Clothes: I have finally given up on squeezing her into my favourite 0-3 month outfits - and I am just starting to admit that she is just too damn long for the 3-6 month ones as well.  So we are now officially in 6-9/12 month clothes.  They still look incredibly big to me and I am always surprised when we put her in something - that it actually fits.  I think I am in denial that our girl is growing at a rapid pace. And diapers - we moved to a size three about half way through the month.  I added a new one to her treasure box (you keep a size of each diaper too right - and then get all nostalgic when you look at how teeny tiny the newborn size is? yeah - me too!).

eating & sleeping

Eating:  This was a big month for us in the eating department - over the past month and a bit she has been very interested in when and what we are eating.  She would watch, and if she was close enough to one of our plates, grab herself a treat (that is if our new parent reflexes weren't similar to those of a cat).  So about one week before she turned 6 months we decided to let her try some solid food.  I was (and still not) in any rush to push solid foods - I figured she'd let us know when she was good and ready.  I didn't think it was going to be so soon. 

Steve and I decided to introduce solids through Baby Led Weaning - after some research it seemed like a good fit (especially into our lifestyle).  The thought of having to prepare an additional meal (when I struggle to even prepare one) just wouldn't work for us. 

So we started with something simple - steamed broccoli. It went over well.  No gagging.  No choking.  Just a lot of interest - and a little bit of mess.  But then a few days later we tried steamed sweet potatoes.  There was a little gagging.  I had to leave the room - but Steve - he's so awesome with it.  I just need to trust her a little more - I am sure that comes with time.  And then we tried cooked apples with cinnamon - these actually just mushed together like apple sauce - so I loaded a spoon and let her figure it out.  Surprisingly she got it in her a mouth more times then she didn't.

I am equally as excited and nervous to continue our Baby Led Weaning journey and try to incorporate Eila's meals into our family meals - maybe mama will need to sit back with a beer and let dad take the lead on this one.  I mean I've been in charge of all the breastfeeding - so it's only fair.  And as far as breastfeeding goes - the buffet is still open 24/7.

Sleeping: Nothing has really changed.  We still bedshare and napshare.  I'd like to work on getting her down to sleep for her naps - mostly for my sanity and the need to have some 'me' time - but then the urge to sleep overcomes me and I just go with it.

Routine & Milestones

Routine: We have a pretty solid morning routine.  Eila usually wakes up anywhere between 5-7 a.m.  and I've given up getting out of bed before 7:30 a.m.  So she wakes up - has a bite to eat and then plays and chats away until I finally wake up.  I am usually half awake through all of this - but it's great that she is so patient and let's me get those precious extra minutes of 'rest'.  We get up - put on PBS kids and she gets a work out in her ExerSaucer (which I think we will be retiring next month since we had to move it up to the final setting).  During this I very quickly eat a bowl of cereal and have a coffee (which I usually finish later in the morning - cold). Around 9 a.m. she is ready for her first nap - right before Steve leaves for work - and she'll nap (on a good day) for about 45 minutes.  I usually catch a few extra ZZ's during this time too.

In the afternoon it's a free for all - especially this month since Steve was off on holidays with us.  The weather has been terrible this winter so we haven't been venturing out too much - except on Monday's for our Baby Sign Language class and hitting the malls to get our Christmas shopping done.  Normally we just play.  We are looking forward to Christmas to add in some new toys into the rotation. And our evenings are semi-consistent.  Eila let's us know when she is ready for sleep - sometimes we have a bath - sometimes we don't - sometimes we read - sometimes we don't.  But Steve usually will be the one to bounce her to sleep at night.  It's good for them and it's good for mama.   

  • Sitting Up Unassisted: After a couple of weeks practice, Eila had the whole sitting up thing mastered.  Babies learn things fast - and improve their skills at an exponential rate.  I sometimes still put the nursing pillow behind her when she's acting silly - because there has been a few times that she's thrown herself backwards. 

  • Discovery of her Feet:  There was a short period of time where all she wanted to do was eat her feet. It didn't last - but she is still a fan when she remembers that they are there. But nothing is cuter than a baby trying to eat her toes. Example: 

  • Second Cold: which I think was brought on by the first since it appeared just shy of three weeks later.  The second cold was so much worse than the first.  There was so much coughing.  Not a lot of sleeping.  And a lot of throwing up phlegm.  You could hear all the congestion rattling in her lungs.  I got a little worried since her breathing sounded awful so we brought her into the doctors.  Turns out she was battling a virus.  That could explain all the green poops.  She was in good spirits so the doctor advised to up her nursing sessions and just let her fight it on her own.  After a week, and a $70 cool mist humidifier purchase, she finally recovered.  Second worst part - I caught it too - and it was BRUTAL!!
  • Rolling Over (both ways):  Eila had rolled from tummy-to-back a few times many months ago, but really never tried it again.  She had worked so hard to get onto her tummy - that she never had intentions of rolling back.  And rolling from back-to-tummy only really occurred on the right side - she seemed to really struggle going from her left.  Near the end of the month Eila was rolling all over the place - in all directions.  I am sure this is a precursor for her crawling journey. Also can we discuss how difficult it is to change a rolling baby?  I figured you aren't a seasoned mom until you learn the art of putting on a diaper with a baby on their tummy.  Because this is literally the only way I can get it on her sometimes. 

Social & Events

Social: Eila hasn't really been a babbler - but this month that changed.  I've noticed that she's found her voice and that she's thrown in the consonant G into her conversations - so you hear a lot of "GAH, GAH, GAH".  It's completely adorable and I can't wait until she starts saying words - ummm...wait yes I can!!!

Eila has also started raising her arms to inform us that she is ready to be picked up!  It's pretty cute.  Sometimes she just wants to be picked up for a little snuggle and then she is ready to be put back down.  However if you don't pick up on her first few subtle cues - be prepared for a whine fest.  The whining that accompanies this is straight up ridiculous.  

  • First Diploma: Eila and I completed a four week Baby Sign Language class and at the end of it she received a little diploma.  Of course it's hanging on our fridge - we are so proud of her.  We've been trying to use a few of the signs and will incorporate more as we go along.  Right now we focus on more, done, out, milk, read, sing, play etc. the essentials for a six months old.
  • Six Month Birthday:  What a milestone!  We didn't do much that day Steve was off so we just hung out (and probably went xmas shopping) - but we did celebrate by making a cake and singing happy half birthday (and of course taking a ton of photos) to Eila!  It also was a way to celebrate that we made it half a year as parents and that we are doing as good as job as we can. 
  • First Christmas Tree:  I am usually a scrooge but having a baby really changes that.  I was really excited to get a Christmas tree this year - mostly because I knew Eila would love looking at the lights and playing with the dangling ornaments.  She did for a bit - then the novelty wore off.  We ended up getting an artificial tree - since it just makes more sense for us now (and it's so much easier to clean).  Sadly I only snapped instagram pics of it all decorated.
  • First Christmas Party: Eila attended her first holiday party at our friend's, Chris and Nicole's place, it was a little late for her so we only stayed for an hour or so - but long enough to get a family holiday photo.  

Favourite Things

Baby Gear/Toys: We were gifted a Melissa and Doug Rainbow Stacker at one of Eila's showers that we busted out this month.  Eila loves the circular wooden rings - she's still a little too young to grasp the concept of it and the wooden pole went directly into her mouth so I put it away and tossed the rings into a tupperware container and voila - instant age appropriate toy.  Eila loves dumping out the rings and practising her fine motor skills to pick up the blocks using her pincer grasp (they are the perfect size for noobies).  It's amazing to watch her figure that stuff out. 

Activities Eila Likes:
  • Petting the Cat (i.e. Terrorizing the Cat): As soon as Basil makes an appearance - Eila is all smiles.  I mean, Basil is a showstopper, but no matter what she is doing if Basil enters the room he's got her full attention.  She only wishes that she could move towards him. So for now - I have been slowly acquainting them - I don't think Basil wants anything to do with it. 
  • Giving Kisses: Or at least trying too.  I don't know if she knows what she is doing - but quite often when she asks us to pick her up she will grab your face, pull it towards hers and go in open mouthed.  I don't doubt she is trying to kiss us since she is showered in them on the daily.  She also gives tiny hugs/snuggles.  Totes adorbs.
  • Airplane with Dad: She loves being tossed in the air - but not from mom, only from dad.  She giggles and instantly shoves her thumb in her mouth.  Her thumb is definitely her security blanket. 
  • Chatting with Sophie:  Eila still has huge love for Sophie the Giraffe.  She's usually left in the car - so whenever I pull her out Eila gets all wide eyed and instantly starts chatting to her.  It's almost as if she explodes with excitement and then catches her up on all the stuffs she's been doing. 

Favourite Pictures from the Month

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  1. > I still look at clothes on the hanger or in the store and think that they will be way too big for Kale and then have a heart attack when they actually fit (or *gulp* are too small).

    > I'm so happy to hear that you guys decided to do BLW. Kale is a champion eater and I think it has a lot to do with how we introduced solids to him. Gagging is scary in the beginning - but just remember: gagging is NOT choking :)

    > Eila sounds like Kale's sleep twin. Right down to the bouncing (which reminds me - I need a new ball!)

    > OMG. Open mouthed baby kisses are THE BEST!!!!!

    > She's so adorable. I love how much I can see both you and Steve in her. Honestly, there is something about seeing the baby of two of my favourite people that makes my heart swell every time. I have tears. And pregnancy hormones.


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