Can we pause a moment and just look at how giant my baby is?  The past few days, I've caught glimpses of her and noticed that her face is transforming into a kid face and less the face of a baby.  It fills me with excitement and joy - but also makes me a little sad.  Today she is 8 months old.  I can remember being 8 months pregnant - how has she been on the outside almost as long as she has on the inside? It's so bittersweet. So how about a currently update?  If you want to post your own - check out the details here.

I have currently been snapping (or at least trying to) photos and video of Eila.  She's getting more and more difficult to photograph lately.  She rarely sits still for a second.  Almost every picture I capture is a blur - which I guess is reflective to just how fast this first year is going by.  I am not looking forward to our 8 month photo shoot this afternoon.  Lady wants to GO GO GO.  She goes from sitting, to crawling, to standing, to bouncing all in the matter of seconds.  Tell me - how are you supposed to capture that? 

I am currently stopping myself from saying "NO, EILA! That's too dangerous" every 10 seconds or "Eila, you're a baby, not Godzilla!"  this kid is a ball of energy - I can't even imagine her at 2 or 3 or even next month for that matter. 

I am currently spending as much time outside as possible.  The weather the past few days have felt spring-like - or at least milder than the below zero temperatures that we endured all winter long.  Eila and I have been cruising the neighbourhood, window shopping and enjoying the fact that we aren't spending our entire day cooped up like chickens.

I am starting to feel a little better about the whole going back to work and sending Eila to daycare thing.  We think we've secured a place for June/July.  I just need to go and take a tour (Steve already did - and didn't hate it).  It's literally right next to Steve's work - just down the street from mine - and only costs a little more than our monthly rent. We plan to try it out for six months and see how it goes.  We are also looking into the possibility of Montessori school once she turns 1.5/2.  We are going to check out some of the schools in our area - just to keep our options open.  But it's nice to know that we won't be in a jam come June. 

Eila is currently skipping naps as often as I skipped class in high school.  Someone needs to let her in on how awesome napping is.  I think we are in the process of merging her morning and afternoon nap.  She was doing three naps a day consistently - now she's down to two and on the off occasion back up to three.  But she's been pushing that morning nap later and later. 


  1. I think Kale was around 8 months old when I increased the shutter speed on my camera and I haven't changed it since. Getting a picture of him then was hard, but now it's just impossible!

    I'm glad you guys found a potential place for Eila this summer. I think it's a good idea to keep your options open and realize that you may have to try more than one place before you find the right fit.

  2. This is one reason I'm glad Elsie has no desire to crawl yet... she can't get away from me when I'm taking her picture! Her face has changed a lot over the past couple months, as well, and I'm just not sure how I feel about her becoming a toddler soon... it's just so strange!!

  3. I suggest the sports setting on your camera, if you have one...


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