Eila is Eight Months Old

I have literally watched Eila grow right in front of me.  Even so - it still catches me off guard occasionally when I am holding her and I realize just how big she has got.  And then I watch her motor around and it BLOWS MY MIND!  However fast it goes - it will always be amazing to watch her learn new things.  And learning new things is at the top of Eila's agenda.  I sometimes forget that she is only 8 months old - when in my mind she is 8 months going on 2 years.

Here's what Eila has been up to this past month.

Eight Months

Weight/Height/Head: I was curious how heavy Eila was the other day so I did the trusty weigh myself and then weigh myself holding the baby trick to get an estimate to how much she weighs - this very reliable method said she was about 21 pounds (she was just about 18 pounds are her six month check in) so we'll see next month when we go in for her 9 month check up. 

Clothes:  She is still (just barely) fitting in 6-12 month clothing.  I am trying to hold off on buying anymore winter clothes so I am stretching (literally) her clothes as far as I can.  I am saving our clothing budget to go crazy for spring/summer clothes - because have you seen some of the SS14 styles for babies?  It's going to be hard to not break the bank.

Eating & Sleeping

Eating: Eila still gets most of her nutrition from breast milk - since introducing solids I haven't noticed any changes in our breastfeeding 'schedule' she still snacks during the day and does her longer eating during the night.  This has been working well for us.  I have set a goal this month to get a better eating routine for both of us.  I don't really eat properly myself, I just eat when I am hungry, but for Eila's sake I'd like us to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner at relatively the same time (but I am not going to get too hung up on schedules because schedules and babies don't really mix - for us anyways). This should be easy for us because Eila has done really well with baby led weaning.  And I think I am finally starting to feel more comfortable.  She's only gagged a few times the past month (once on broccoli and once on carrots) - and I was brave and let her work it out.  And SHE DID.  And then she carried on.  Babies are so, so amazing. I've even noticed that she's starting chewing more - so I have been just giving her some of our meals (or adjusting hers to be baby friendly) and seeing how she manages.  This month she really expressed an interest in eating peaches, mangoes, and strawberries and she wasn't really that crazy about bananas, peas, or oatmeal (but not enough to outright decline them).  I am excited to watch her reaction each time she tries something new.

Sleeping:  What's that?  Just kidding.  There hasn't been much change in the nighttime sleep department. However this month we bought a monitor so we could start putting Eila down during naps and the first half of the night in her crib.  At night it's a piece of cake to get her in her crib.  She is such an easy baby to get to bed for the night.  But naps are a completely different story.  She needs a lot of convincing to go down for a nap.  I watch her signs and try my best to act on the right away - but there is a lot of fighting it.  I usually nurse her into a coma and then rock her to sleep and then I will try my best to transfer her into her crib.  Most days she wakes up the moment I set her down - though I have had a few successes and the break is SO WELCOME.  But usually I am trapped under a sleeping baby.  And that too is sometimes welcome.  As for naps - she is still having three a day (four if they were cut really short - by her, not me) and the longest she has napped for is 1.5 hours, but usually she naps for 30 minutes tops.  I am envious of all the moms who talk about their glorious 3 hour nap breaks - ummm...Eila missed that memo.

Routine & Milestones

Routine: we're still rocking our routine - which isn't much of a routine at all.  But it consists of eating, playing and sleeping.  We try to get outside as much as we can, when the weather is cooperative, but otherwise we do a lot of playing in the living room/kitchen/play area.  We are both sick of winter - we are ready to get outside and explore.  I am SO excited.

This sums up how we both feel about winter

  • First Teeth (yes teeth):  I felt like we were caught in this teething tornado and just never getting the results, teeth.  Finally on January 25th I felt them (her two lower central incisors) pop through - I wasn't expecting her to cut two teeth at the same time so I was really surprised.  They are the cutest little teeth I've ever seen (and I rarely get to see them).  I have tried my best to get in her mouth to get a good luck - but she HATES it - so I'm sure the next tooth (or teeth) will be a surprise.  However I think she might be working on cutting another soon - since she is gnawing on everything like a hamster.  
  • Pulling Up: Almost as soon as Eila was proficient at crawling she started pulling herself up on furniture.  She's taken a few good tumbles, but she has also got really good at learning how to fall.  I try my best not to run to her when she feels she stuck standing - I try to encourage her to get herself down.  Most of the time she just drops down, looks at me smiles and carries on.  She has also started scaling furniture.  OMG - this child is going to walk soon isn't she?  
  • Crawl to Sitting: This one sort of took us by surprise.  One day she was just sitting.  Prior to that I always had to put her in the sitting position.  It was interesting watching her get into the sitting position from her tummy - but like all things she does after a few days practice the movements we much more fluid. 
  • Clapping:  This was a short lived love affair - for a few days all she would do is clap.  I'd sing a song, she'd clap. I'd say hello, she'd clap.  I'd say let's eat breakfast, she'd clap.  You get it.  And then one day - she just stopped. And now she'll only clap when she's really excited about something. 
  • Saying "MAMA":  ALL THE TIME.  The first time I heard it - my heart must of melted and then I brushed it off thinking it was just a coincidence.  And then she started saying it more often - and looking at me.  And then SHE NEVER STOPPED SAYING IT.  I am not sure if she knows what it means - but I think she thinks it means milk.  Because she is usually hungry when she says it.  
  • Crawling (on hands and knees):  Eila perfected her crawling from the army crawl to getting up on her hands and knees.  She was a little wobbly at first and would usually just give up and drop down on her belly and continue one.  But now she can really motor along.  I can't believe how fast she is. 
Wow that's a lot of growing and developing for just one month!  Needless to say this mama is TIRED!  And, Eila?  Well her energy level just keeps going up and up.  Seriously I don't know how Steve and I have such a high energy child.  We are both so laid back.  We are going to have our hands full.

Social & Events

Social: Eila has really come out of her shell - I am not sure if it's a result of crawling but she takes a lot less time to warm up to new social settings.  We have started meeting with some moms and their babies once a week at a local indoor playground and she's done so well.  She really just loves on the other babies, grabs their hair, their faces, gives them kisses - like really who is this social butterfly baby?

I've also noticed that she is a lot more independent when playing.  Now that she can crawl she just motors around the room checking stuff out, knocking down books, ripping out pages, playing with stuffies, pulling stuff out of baskets, investigating her toys.  After all this she usually comes over to me for a check in - gives me a baby open mouth kiss and a hug and then she's ready to do it all again. I love when I sneak a peek at her and she's quietly playing - I could watch her for hours - but I should probably use that time to wash the dishes!! Or the floors! Or do the laundry!

  • First Art Project: I attempted a Pinterest activity for Eila this month to make Steve a special gift for Valentine's day.  You can read all about it here.  Even though the experience was laughable - the results were perfect and Steve loved his first piece of art from Eila. 
  • First Valentine's Day: Steve and I don't celebrate Valentine's day - but we thought it would be nice for Steve to start a tradition of buying a gift for Eila.  So on Valentine's day, Steve surprised Eila with some gifts; a stuffed teddy (that's literally the same size as her), some new PJ's and a small little toy.  He also booked the day off so we were able to spend it together.  We didn't do much, but it was nice to have a long weekend with dad. 
  • First Family Day: I had grand plans to go out and spend the day either at the zoo or the science centre - but Steve wanted to do something low key (and I can't blame him those places would probably have been insanely busy) so we headed out to spend the day my sister-in-law's house.  It was a nice quiet day - and better than a crazy zoo. 

Favourite Things

Baby Gear/Toys: I participated in a Valentine's Day swap with a group of moms who all had June babies (my Baby Centre Mamas) and Eila was gifted Alex Jr. First Pops and they might just be the best invention ever for a baby 6 Months plus.  At first glance they look like simple pieces of plastic - but EILA LOVES THEM. They are perfect for travelling for visits and they keep Eila entertained for a good five minutes (that's like a few hours in baby time).  Next on my wish list are some blocks - any suggestions on good stacking and knocking down blocks?

Favourite Things:
  • The Cat (STILL):  She is seriously in love with him.  And it makes me equally as happy as it does sad.  Basil is just not into her crazy all over smoothering love (he doesn't know what he's missing).  He's made a few good attempts to swat at her - so now I've had to keep them apart.  I feel like a jerk - but I don't know what else to do until I can reason with Eila that the cat is just grumpy man.  
  • Standing:  She loves to stand anywhere she can pull herself up.  She is so brave.  She is testing her limits a lot - and will periodically let go for a few seconds.  But usually she just hangs out - does a few squats to work on her leg strength and drops down to her but - just to pull herself back up again. 
  • Vandalizing Books:  I think we can simply say #RIPourbooks because they have seen better days.  Eila loves knocking them down onto the floor, flipping through the pages, ripping them out and then eating the paper.  I know we should just put them away - but she loves doing this so how can I take this away from her?  I am already giving in with weakness.  I am dead.  #RIPEmily
  • Storytime:  I may just want her to love books, but I really do think she likes them.  Steve and I will lay on the floor and read a story and she settles in either on her tummy or if she's really into it she'll sit up and help you flip the pages.  We rarely get through a book before she rips it from your hand to eat the book - but at least she's into it for a short time.  
  • Bubbles:  She was first introduced to bubbles at one of our mom and baby classes, so when I saw a bottle for $0.20 at the Superstore I jumped on it.  It's by far one of my staples in my parenting arsenal - it turns the mood of the grumpiest baby.  

Favourite Pictures From The Month

I really slacked on using the real camera this month - but you can check my instagram feed to see our daily photos @e_dubb


  1. She's so cute!! Where, oh where has the time gone!?

  2. This is such a fun age!! Eila sounds like she's rocking at life these days.

    I feel you on the naps. Kale was also a 30 minute napper, unless he was held. I feel like we tried everything and eventually just caved and held him for naps for what seemed like forever. When he started school, he became a champion napper (of course).

  3. We're basically experiencing all the same milestones and challenges with my little man this month. Two teeth, crawling, and standing, all within the past 2 weeks! And the (not) sleeping...ugh. Not so great but whatever... It won't last forever (I keep telling myself). :)


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