I picked up a ring sling a couple weeks ago as I was looking for something a little easier to slip Eila into for quick trips out, trips to the basement to do laundry, a way to do the dishes without getting pantsed.  But last week I was so thankful that I picked it up because we were caught in the midst of a 48 hour teething fog and Eila was basically stuck to me for that time.  The ring sling saved me us. I am still getting the hang of getting her in and out of it - but so far I love it.  Now bring on the spring weather so we can cruise some parks.

Anyways it's been awhile since I have done a currently post - and I am avoiding writing Eila's 9 month update.  Why did I format it SO LONG? So here's a quick snapshot of what's going on over here.

I am currently battling a wave of emotions on the daycare that we have pretty much confirmed for Eila.  All I need to do is fill out the forms, pay the key deposit and select a start date.  But I just can't do it.  The centre isn't perfect - but it's suitable for the first six months.  The infant program only has capacity for six children - and two teachers.  The programming is based on Eila's emerging skills and development. The menu looks alright.  It just all feels so final and puts a deadline on our time together.  I am so thankful that I live in Canada and am able to spend the first year with Eila but it still doesn't make my battle of going back to work and placing her in daycare any easier.

I can't believe I am about to admit this - but I am currently surfing through episode after episode of ummmm....*cough* Party of Five.  I remember loving this show (when I was a teenager) I am not sure what prompted me to start the series.  OK it was the fact that there were six seasons on Netflix.  I remember I used to cry (almost) after every episode - but it's not cracking this hormonal mother 20 years later.

Eila is currently jumping around (or at least she wants to be) everywhere.  She is getting so mobile - that I just can't keep up with her.  She's crawling, then she's standing, then she's sitting, then she's on her belly.  It happens all so fast.  Her recent trick is "look mom, no hands!" she is still pretty unsteady on her feet - but she is so brave she doesn't realize it.  I wonder when she'll take her first steps? 

I am currently taking some time to enjoy my last three months home with Eila.  It's incredible just how fast a year goes by.  I feel like we've spent way too much time in the house - so I am planning some outings for us that don't involve shopping.  But mostly I am looking forward to park hopping and checking out the parks in our neighborhood. 

I am currently making a list of things I need to buy at Ikea.  I have a few projects planned to spruce up our apartment (which needs A LOT of work) but one area I want to focus on is our breakfast nook.  We have just recently started eating at the table like a normal family and I want to make the area more inviting since I suspect we will be spending a lot of time there.  Also I am making plans to FINALLY sew some kitchen curtains - because the ones hanging now aren't cutting it.   


  1. Dude, fill out the forms and put down the deposit. Or make Steve do it. Don't let that space slip away. You do not want to leave it to the last minute and then be scrambling to find something. It's going to make your return to work a hundred times more stressful!

    And I'm always (ALWAYS) down for an Ikea trip.

    Oh, and ring slings are THE BEST.

  2. I want to hug you.

    We're almost at eight months with our little guy and I have a love/hate relationship with it. The hate part stems only from my inevitable return to work. I am so loathe to do it. I can't think about it without stress nibbling at me.

    Good grief that little girl is beautiful. Look at you two! I just love it. :) So wonderful!

  3. Ok that sling is awesome. And I can't believe she is almost a year! Don't worry - you will treasure the next few months and get through the daycare transition in time. Or you could just get pregnant again and forget the whole thing ;)

  4. Where did you find your ring sling? I would really like to get one for Elsie.


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