We had spring for like three seconds on Sunday - and it was glorious!  It's so much easier to take a baby outside without having to mess around with a billion layers and trying to keep the freezing cold wind off their faces.  It's so much nicer to let their hair blow in the breeze.  But sadly by Tuesday it snowed again and my faith in mother nature was crushed, yet again!

Besides being sad about the weather - this is what else has been going on here....

I was currently clearing out all the dead leaves from the lawn on Sunday.  After I took this picture of Eila I realized that the lawn could use a good raking.  So I put away the snow shovels and pulled out the rakes (little did I know that we would get another blast of winter just two days later).  Our lawn is tiny - but I managed to clean up a yard waste bag full of leaves.  I think that's the most exercise I've done since before I got pregnant.

Eila is currently digging oranges.  It makes me laugh because of the fact that while pregnant with her I ate more oranges than anyone on the planet.  She just devours them.  She isn't a big eater when it comes to solids - but girl can pound back a half an orange in very little time. And then I read this - and figured that Eila knew she liked oranges before she even knew what an orange was.

We are currently reading the First 100 Words book.  Well I suppose we are strictly flipping to the page that has a cat and a kitten so Eila can tell us "CA-AT" and then proceed to kiss it 100 times.  She is still so very madly in love with Basil - that it's not surprising that her second real word would be cat. 

Steve and I are currently watching the second season of Girls.  It was a nice change of pace after we completely binge watched the entire Dexter series in about a month.  Ridiculous.  We were so ready for it to be over - I just wonder if we watched it a little less if we would have felt the same way?  Anyways - I don't know what took us so long to watch Girls again.  We loved the first season - now we are frantically trying to find a way to get our hands on the third season.  Suggestions? 

Hope your Easter weekend is full of mini eggs and more mini eggs.


  1. So glad to hear you admit to overeating oranges while preggo. After I devoured six in one sitting while preg. with twins my midwife shook her head "no, no!" but my MIL says she did the same thing while preg. with my hubs - must be something about those babies insideja! :) PS found you through the "Currently" linkup - I blog at Hands and Hearts More Than Full :) xo Crista

  2. Ooh, we might need to get that 100 Words book. So far we just have sounds that sound like words (mostly Da-da) but nothing really meaningful.
    Love, love, love Girls! If you know anyone with DirecTV you can use their account info to get Girls on HBO GO (assuming you don't have HBO). I watched the whole first season that way on my Kindle Fire when I discovered it. :-)


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